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Cakes - Coffeecakes

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Nobody doesn't like this one.

This is a unique and outstanding combination of blueberries and cranberries, resulting in a scarlet-hued, luscious cobbler that is unrivalled in flavor.
A dark, decadent, mix-in-one-bowl fudge cake. Cola in the batter, cola in the icing.

Nothing is so sweet and cloying as confectioners' icing. We all use it but let's admit it. Professional pastry chefs on the other hand rely on a fondant-based buttercream. Ask your neighborhood baker or pastry chef for fondant (beg, plead), see a cake decorating supply house, or try a mail order source (fondant lasts forever). This is the silky icing that everyone loves and associates with store bought cupcakes. (See additional notes on fondant below). This is for those great home made birthday cakes and cupcakes. For fondant online: check out or 

Tastes like shortbread, bakes, slices, and looks like cake.

This recipe is just so sweet, including all the favorite flavor notes and textural perks of S’Mores bars, in a quickly assembled ice-box cake that is kid-approved and company perfect. S’mores are messy affairs but this cake serves up in (somewhat) neater slices. It is oh-so-good that I am almost embarrassed it is a no-bake wonder. It is….home-assembled! For nut allergies, do make sure to make these with peanut-free manufactured milk chocolate bars so that your allergy kids and friends can enjoy this too. This recipe is about layering stuff; how you do it doesn’t really much matter as long as you use up all the components.
Do check out the notes for the Ice-Cream S’Mores Bar Cake too, included in this recipe.

A pastry crust is the foundation of this decadent Snickers cheesecake, which offers chunks of Snickers chocolate bar and swirls of caramel and peanut butter throughout the creamy dreamy cake

Not a cake per se, more of a high standing torte. This is easy but dramatic. Serve with hot chocolate sauce, Spice and Bourbon Creme Anglaise or traditional Brandy Hard Sauce. This has a texture slightly reminiscent of cheesecake but it definitely ‘remember the cake we had at that café in Europe’ taste. A great cake to bring if dessert is what you drew out of a hat.

This vanilla-scented scone cake would be mouthwatering even if you left the cherries out. The combination of delicate, buttery scone crumb with bits of sour-sweet scarlet cherries is outstanding.

Bubka is pure heaven to me - because it strikes the right note of sweet and bready. It is also relatively easy to make - not as complicated as true Danish with its rolled in blocks of butter but certainly richer and moister than a sweet dough. I have a few bubkas in my first cookbook, A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking (Doubleday, l998) where it sits like a queen of the realm of Jewish baking. Here it takes on another role - the diva of the yeasted, sweet pastries. I often use my bread machine to make the dough - although I have to give the mixing a hand at first by using a rubber spatula, just to get the rich dough properly going.

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