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Cakes - Coffeecakes

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A gossamer little almond cake, fortified with marzipan (almond paste) and slivered almonds, finished with a pirouette of plum jam makes this a dreamy tea cake for after the ballet.

Yeasted kutchen? I could kiss you. How good is this lovely buttery pastry cake that bakes up like a coffee cake and tastes like a croissant studded with raspberries and fresh cherries that ooze into the sweet batter as it bakes?

Everyone needs something easy, fruity, and a good keeping cake. This one works with any pie fillin but blueberry makes for a fabulous tasting and good looking cake. The crumb topping is just the perfect final touch.

Now retired in The New Best of, Marcy Goldman, Whitecap Books, 2009.

This is a  lofty spice cake, perfect for Thanksgiving, Halloween coffee klatch or anytime at all in fall. The cake is fine-grained, delicate but moist -this is not a heavy cake, and gently spiced. It features a penuche-style sweet pecan brown sugar glaze. Alternatively, I offer a vanilla scented cream cheese glaze for more glaze/cake contrast. And sometimes.....I don't do glaze or icing but instead, opt for a spicy, streusel topping, like the one used in sour cream coffee cakes, and apply that before baking.  This is an amazing cake. Our testers bring their baking to work, volunteer venues, to schools, and groups they are involved with- This particular cake drew raves from anyone who had but a tiny crumb!

This recipe is just so sweet, including all the favorite flavor notes and textural perks of S’Mores bars, in a quickly assembled ice-box cake that is kid-approved and company perfect. S’mores are messy affairs but this cake serves up in (somewhat) neater slices. It is oh-so-good that I am almost embarrassed it is a no-bake wonder. It is….home-assembled! For nut allergies, do make sure to make these with peanut-free manufactured milk chocolate bars so that your allergy kids and friends can enjoy this too. This recipe is about layering stuff; how you do it doesn’t really much matter as long as you use up all the components.
Do check out the notes for the Ice-Cream S’Mores Bar Cake too, included in this recipe.

Tangerine juice, citrus zest and orange oil make this cake a winner.
See if this doesn’t remind you of your favorite frozen pound cake.

A treat for the young and old.

Every gal should have a couple of perfect chocolate cakes in her repertoire. This one is the one that, aside from Lawsuit Muffins, made my reputation as a new pastry chef at the infamous Terre Etoile Health Food Cafe and Bookstore. Terre Etoile was my trial by fire, second job as a professional baker (do we count the first job? I lasted 4 days).  It was where I fell in love for the first time, made legendary Lawsuit Muffins, and learned, like the gingerbread man, to scoot from the oven to ....another frying pan. Ah, such is life. This is the loving cup of chocolate cakes. It is easy on butter and sour cream and yet yields a truffle like interior that is only perfected with its thick, dark chocolate glaze.

You know those delightful chocolate oranges by Terry's? A whole chocolate orange splits into milk chocolate, orange-scented wedges that are just wonderul (and a traditional holiday gift). The Terry's orange is always a welcome sweet treat but really divine, if you coarsely chop one up and add it to this tender, buttery cake. You can marbleize this cake or leave it as a vanilla-orange batter, with the Terry's Orange pieces, flecked throughout the cake. This cuts into thick, moist slices of cake - not as heavy as most pound cakes and richer than a quick bread. 

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