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Cakes - Coffeecakes

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Everything you love about carrot cake, re-configured in a fruitcake texture and longevity. No candied fruits but just the right balance of good things, carrot cake flavor appeal and an recipe that makes one large or several gift cakes. One more new tradition for almost any holiday that calls for a fabulous and festive cake. Wonderful for Christmas or, with its oil-based batter, a perfect Chanukah treat. You can ice this with traditional cream cheese frosting and decorate it in a gold coin motif or with a Yule garnish or holly and fresh cranberries. You can also make the cream cheese frosting more of a rolled fondant by adding less liquid and enwrapping the cake as per regular fruitcakes. A keeper, in all ways! Oh, by the way, the secret soaking syrup is optional; this cake starts and stays moist but if you want to do the cheesecloth/syrup soaking route, you certainly can. This takes a nice slow bake (2-3 hours) for the most moist cake but if you are time-short or need that oven (!), increase the temperature to 350F and bake it a bit sooner (besides the soaking syrup will re-invigorate it).


A light, sweet and buttery, easy yeast pastry dough that looks European gorgeous and isn't detained by a trans Atlantic flight stall. All you add is a touch of sugar, a smidge of butter, top with diced apricots and wow! This looks and and tastes like it was flown in from Europe. Sophisticated but it;s also as easy as brownies.

This is named for my youngest son Benjamin. He is an avid chocolate cake tester, and eater.
From my first book ("A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking")

A mellow and classic banana bread with just enough sweetness, moistness and warm banana flavour to make it a blue-ribbon winner. The best banana breads feature extremely ripe bananas that are fork-mashed (not pureed bananas; a potato masher is actually better than a fork).  Buttermilk is sublime in this recipe but you can swop in cola, coffee or orange juice - whatever you have on hand.

The quest for the perfect birthday-style "yellow cake" is up there with the quest for the perfect pie crust and the perfect sourdough. If you want light, moist, delicate but easy - tastes like store-bought but with a true, homey, scratch taste. Don't even think 'mix'.  Gotta a celebration? This cake's for you!

 This is a sumptuous, golden, moist sour cream coffeecake to beat the band. If you collect sour cream coffeecakes, you have to try this one.
Use a huge angel food cake pan.

A combination of a moist yellow cake and nuggets of brownie throughout, results in a wonderful and tasty effect. This is an unusual cake because you are baking up two entirely differently sort of batters but it's worth an adventure into unknown cake territory becausea this is such a great cake. Nothing else like it on the planet.

Pure gems, which is exactly what cupcakes, were once called (or was it small muffins were gems?). Cream cheese and chocolate chips anoint a fudge muffin and then the whole affair is gilded in a ganache, or truffle topping. Make these really small –they are rich and as divine as the finest French pastry. You can also omit the cream cheese topping and just use the truffle topping on these great chocolate cupcakes. Curls of white chocolate would make this irresistible.
One layer sinks into another as the cake bakes. When you slice it, you detect a unique moist layer in the cake. Difficult to describe, but it's delicious and easy to make.
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