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Cakes - Coffeecakes

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A treat for the young and old.

Every gal should have a couple of perfect chocolate cakes in her repertoire. This one is the one that, aside from Lawsuit Muffins, made my reputation as a new pastry chef at the infamous Terre Etoile Health Food Cafe and Bookstore. Terre Etoile was my trial by fire, second job as a professional baker (do we count the first job? I lasted 4 days).  It was where I fell in love for the first time, made legendary Lawsuit Muffins, and learned, like the gingerbread man, to scoot from the oven to ....another frying pan. Ah, such is life. This is the loving cup of chocolate cakes. It is easy on butter and sour cream and yet yields a truffle like interior that is only perfected with its thick, dark chocolate glaze.

You know those delightful chocolate oranges by Terry's? A whole chocolate orange splits into milk chocolate, orange-scented wedges that are just wonderul (and a traditional holiday gift). The Terry's orange is always a welcome sweet treat but really divine, if you coarsely chop one up and add it to this tender, buttery cake. You can marbleize this cake or leave it as a vanilla-orange batter, with the Terry's Orange pieces, flecked throughout the cake. This cuts into thick, moist slices of cake - not as heavy as most pound cakes and richer than a quick bread. 

A Cranberry Extravanganza for Thanksgiving. For a limited time, Three (!) Fabulous recipes including Sweet Pumpkin Spice Quick Bread, Thanksgiving’s Best Cranberry Cream Scones and a BB special, Canned Cranberry Bundt Cake (you know - you have leftover sauce or bought a can too many - here's the perfect cake to take care of business). Cut, paste, print out and bake.....  

This recipe is now in A Passion for Baking, Marcy Goldman, Oxmoor House, 2007. or

Bakeries sell huge honey cakes that are cut in mammoth slabs. Sometimes, they are baking in industrial baking pans, their sides lined with greased brown baker’s paper. I like the look and generous cuts that result. Here is a home-style version that features the great taste of home-made with the wonderful, commercial look of a real bakery-style honey cake. It lasts up to a week just covered or 2-3 months, frozen. Just make sure you prepare the pan with its parchment paper ‘cake girdle’. This cake will stop even a great grandma in her tracks. Wow appeal  galore. This is a totally awesome cake that is the holiday 'memory' maker but simply the best spice cake ever.

Sorry- this cake is now permanently installed in the print cookbook, The New Best of, Marcy Goldman, Whitecap Books 2009. It is also (with respect to Oprah called the "M" List Lemon Lime Cake). Do you ever watch Oprah when she touts her 'favorite things' . On one such show, this cake was one of them.and I believe it originally came from a bakery in Florida (the cake - not this recipe - I made my own stupendous version!). Food Network show host (Unwrapped) Marc Sommers has also mentioned the cake. Everytime the cake cakes mentions (and it does), traffic on BB increases dramatically and suddenly people inquire about this utterly majestic cake I created. What a  heavenly Key Lime Bundt Cake. The one I saw on TV inspired me to invent my own magical lime-infused cake, topped with an unforgettable glaze. This is a high standing, sweet-tart lime bundt butter cake that is moist and fine-crumbed. The fragrance of it cooling is the scent of Paradise.  Buy the book and bake the cake or Google for someone who does bundt cake mail order but frankly - how can anything compete with an original from your own kitchen?

I love the flavors of Tiramisu but not the lack of preservational qualities nor its homespun assembly. This is a presentation version of the same great dessert. It marries the elements of the original with a more glamorous finished product. This is called wedding cake because it makes a stellar cake for such celebrations but is the cake to turn to for a crowd pleasing ‘wow’ cake.  Double the recipe to make enough cake for a medium sized, layered wedding cake. It is not hard to do – but it is easier to make all the elements a day before and then assemble the next day. The cake lasts for 4-5 days, freezes well and would be nice with custard in the layers, instead of Neufchatel, if you preferred.

If you love chocolate chip cookies, you'll adore this cake. Chopped Tollhouse cookies create a unique streusel layer in the cake center and on top. Top with melted chocolate (milk chocolate, semi-sweet, and white chocolate if you please).This is the cake to bring to the office Fridays, pot lucks or your book club. Homemade chocolate chip cookies are best for this cake but store bought are absolutely fine.

This is an exceptionally easy, extremely tall, moist, gorgeous, oil-based chocolate cake. You cake hand mix or food processor make this fabulous cake. Pour and bake. It’s a hunk.Of course, you can also use melted unsalted butter for better flavor but oil-based cakes are good keepers.

This ultra tender, decadent cake combines some elements of a cheesecake, with a quick cake mix and then a dousing of Torani Creme Caramel Syrup. But I also tried it with Torani Cheesecake Syrup and Toffee Syrup and it was spectacular. Given has a ton of syrup selections, there is no end to what you can do nor the creative adventure I am now embarked on. I know it is a cake mix (and I am working on the scratch version) but it is divine.
Check out 
the full listings of their famed syrups. They are also terrific (and as intended) added to teas, coffees, over ice-cream and in seltzer water (for that check out

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