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Cakes - Coffeecakes

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This cake is still quite the trend. It debuted in the 70’s when it was Fallen Souffle cake, then it was upstaged by carrot cake and is now enjoying a come back in the guise of Molten or Warm Chocolate Cake. You can make in in custard cups as mini-cakes but this is the easiest way to go. A 9 inch heart shaped pan is a possibility but a deep 9 inch quiche pan or 8 inch springform is fine. This is the tender-est, most delicate chocolate cake you will ever have. I serve it with warm caramel sauce.

Three Milk Cake is popular with Costa Ricans and Nicaraguans and anyone else who tries it. To taste it to to launch a lifetime addiction. This is a rich yellow cake that is soaked in a luscious milk, sugar rum glaze after it's baked. The result is something that brings together cake, pudding and cheesecake. It is simply delicious!

Bulk recipe - 4 or 5 rectangular freezer cake pans. Recipe can be doubled again, if required.
Pillsbury's famed Bake Off Contest inspired this recipe.

This makes a huge cake that is cut in squares and each dipped in fondant. It is reminiscent old-fashioned fondant squares, you may have had as a kid at family owned, old-fashioned bakeries. It is only ‘twinkie-esque” in that it is a rich, great yellow-white cake, with a ton of fluffy, bakery style frosting. This makes a huge batch but it freezes well and lasts for days, as fresh each day, each bite, as it is the first day. But if you want less cake, halve the recipe and make it in a 8 by 11 inch pan (but it will also be a less tall cake square, as a result). If you want to skip the fondant dipping, then serve it as a large sheet cake, sandwiched with icing – That way, it is more like a slab of birthday cake but still absolutely amazing. To make this more “twinkie’, use only shortening and artificial vanilla –sorry, but that is some of the commercial aspect of traditional twinkies. I prefer to use almost all natural ingredients (such as butter in the icing) but the choice is yours.

This is a staple that is respun. If you want your banana loaf plain and simple, omit that riveting ripple of coffee nut streusel that streaks through it. If using this streusel, omit the walnuts later on in the cake batter.

Chocolate swirls its way through this moist marbled honey cake.

A great, moist classic carrot cake that, along with Lawsuit Muffins, launched my baking career. The lemon-scented cream cheese icing covers a tall, California health food cafe style layer cake that is still exceptional. In my days as an underground baker supplying restaurants all over the city with this famed cake, I tinted extra cream cheese icing with enough cinnamon to make a cinnamon-hued decorator icing. Originally, this recipe was scaled up to make 50 cakes at a shot. I sold 100 cakes a week at the peak of things (and had the orange tinged carrot fingers to prove it)


Nothing beats gorgeous, ripe apricots in a brown sugar glaze on top of a fresh butter cake. This is so good, I might try it with plums next time. It slices like a dream and is simply the tastes of summer in a cake.

Nothing beats fresh-in-season peaches for this spin on pineapple upside down cake. It features brown-sugar infused peaches as the foundation of a dewy, buttery cake. It is almost a peach tarte tatin, for you invert the cake on a serving platter and the brown sugar, fruit bottom becomes the top, created a sweet, fruity halo atop a gorgeous cake.

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