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Cakes - Coffeecakes

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Really more of a cake than a pie. This is a two layer yellow cake, filled with custard and topped with chocolate glaze - a diner style dessert at its best if you make this homemade version. Come on, when's the last time you had a slice of this absolutely wonderful dessert? If you are in a hurry- substitute instant vanilla pudding or you can use something like Byrd's Custard powder.

This Spanish cake roll, also associated with Puerto Rican cuisine, is similar to a Quebecoise Yule Log or British style sponge roll jam cake. It features a light sponge cake that is filled with rum/vanilla whipped cream. You can also fill it with jam or a thin layer of dulce de leche, and then the whipped cream for this deluxe recipe. Brazo Gitano translates as Gypsy’s Arm. It makes a perfect holiday cake.

Mellow and sweet, this is as old-fashioned as chocolate cake gets. Like most great chocolate cakes, this is equally good as a layer cake or 9 by 13 inch sheet cake. The exclusive use of brown sugar offers a subtle caramel afterglow to this moist, hunk of a cake but the piece de resistance is the ½ inch of meltingly divine, real fudge frosting (but not to worry – no candy thermometer required – this is a unique, quick ‘easy fudge that sets on the cake). Can you have too many chocolate cakes in your repertoire? Can a baker have too much flour?

My son Benjamin inspired me (i.e. he actually got me to stay up way past midnight baking) to make this golden pastry tart, filled with decadent brownie middle, and capped with yet more buttery pastry. It's amazing warm or cold, with ice-cream or pure and simple, as is.

The classic and my nemesis cake from my hotel school days. To make this chocolate, substitute ¼ cup cocoa for the ¼ of the flour and omit the cornstarch. You can also fill this with a regular butter icing and use a whipped ganache frosting, as this frosting is here, or fill the log with softened ice-cream and serve, with hot fudge sauce au denier minute (at the last minute) as we say in these parts.

This is a cake for simple times. Butter, sugar, eggs.

Toasted pecans and a single large presentation make this extra special - what couldbe better than buttery nuts, buttery pastry, and a slather of whipped cream and crown of beautiful strawberries?  You can vary this by using vanilla ice-cream instead of whipped cream.

Mouth-watering, buttery and tender, this is just a lovely morsel called crumb cake. It reminds you of New England inn's or your first coffee cake that made you so proud. Good then, it's still good now - a perfect recipe for new and veteran bakers. You can also rev it up with part whole-wheat flour and Greek yogurt (to replace the buttermilk). Everything in this recipe depends on using the best quality cinnamon so make an effort to procure the best!

Cinnamon sticky buns made with a velvety, buttermilk sweet dough which puffs up into moist, huge, sticky buns. Not everyone is mad for chocolate; some of us swoon for cinnamon.


This is really more of a brown sugar tea cake you will devour, than a bread but butterscotch bread sounds more interesting. It is a light, moist, deeply caramel tasting cake, with a thin sludge of brown butter fudge topping. A one layer pan cake that is a nice change from chocolate.

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