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Cakes - Coffeecakes

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Toasted pecans and a single large presentation make this extra special - what couldbe better than buttery nuts, buttery pastry, and a slather of whipped cream and crown of beautiful strawberries?  You can vary this by using vanilla ice-cream instead of whipped cream.

Mouth-watering, buttery and tender, this is just a lovely morsel called crumb cake. It reminds you of New England inn's or your first coffee cake that made you so proud. Good then, it's still good now - a perfect recipe for new and veteran bakers. You can also rev it up with part whole-wheat flour and Greek yogurt (to replace the buttermilk). Everything in this recipe depends on using the best quality cinnamon so make an effort to procure the best!

This is really more of a brown sugar tea cake you will devour, than a bread but butterscotch bread sounds more interesting. It is a light, moist, deeply caramel tasting cake, with a thin sludge of brown butter fudge topping. A one layer pan cake that is a nice change from chocolate.

A butterscotch-scented cheesecake batter bakes up into squares that are tote-able and divine - and just the thing when you want a little (vs. a huge) cheesecake. Dust with confectioners’ sugar or a dollop of whipped cream or drizzle on warm caramel sauce if serving as a plated dessert. The elusive 7 by 11 or 8 by 10 inch brownie pan is usually found at K-Mart of Wal-Mart. Wilton makes a fabulous one that is nonstick but scratch resistant and you can use metal utensils on.

This butterscotch-y chocolate chip cake is quick and homey – and pleases kids and adults alike. Like a Tollhouse Cookie, but in a slice. A great coffee, tea, and cold milk cake – a lunch box dessert. Most people use semi-sweet chocolate (coarsely chopped or chips) but I actually use (and prefer) milk chocolate chips for this recipe.

Dig out that Bundt pan

I heard about a bakery that somehow combined cake mix and a yeast dough to make great cinnamon buns and was intrigued to try my own version. Wow! This recipe makes a light, almost feathery cinnamon bun. Chill overnight and bake off first thing in the morning for fresh buns by the time The Sunday New York Times arrives.

Over 3200 downloads! Use a tall angel food cake pan or a gorgeous new Bundt cake design.  The main deal here is that you get to use up one of those cans of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce you have stocked your Thanksgiving pantry with. This makes a fine textured cake with saucy hints of cranberries and oranges in a wonderful waltz of the ‘bog’, that is citrus and Cape Cod’s finest fruit. An orange glaze cascades over the moist cake for a refined holiday treat. Great with a cup of mulled cider or chai tea. 

Heaven in a cake - dulce de leche and apples tucked inside a butter-based batter make for a delicious and easy coffee klatch cake.

A simple little decadent chocolate cake with a smack of bourbon and a caramel espresso sauce you drizzle over. It is simply lip-smackingly good. A fussy cake without the fuss - all you need is a pot or two and a wooden spoon. This recipe was inspired by one found in the novel (which you must read if you love reading about bakeries and life) by Judith Ryan Hendricks, called Bread Alone. In the book, the recipe is called Patty's Cake. I made adjustments as the cake as it was, didn't quite pan out for me but the base concept is amazing - fudge cake with toffee sauce. Amazing!


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