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Cakes - Coffeecakes

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Toffee and Turtle bars come out to play in a cheesecake scrimmage. This is an ultra-smooth, caramel-laced cheesecake that takes just minutes to prepare. You can use any chocolate coffee toffee bar in this recipe. Heath Bars are fine and Skor Bars are excellent and Turtles are, well ...turtles (the pecan toffee ones, not the real ones).

A luscious butter cake, topped with caramelized chunks of pineapple. Serve with whipped cream, lemon sherbet or mango sorbet. If you want your cake nut-free, simply sprinkle brown sugar on the pineapple to caramelize the topping while the cake bakes. This is one of the most luscious golden cakes, with surprises of tangy pineapple in every other bite.

This is the best of both worlds – gorgeous golden chiunks of carrot cake are set in a decadent cheesecake batter and topped with a bit of caramel and white chocolate drizzle as the ‘cream cheese’ icing.

You love this as a cake - you adore it as a quick bread.

Nothing beats the taste of bakery style cheese Danish but this quicker cake is pretty satisfying and half the effort. It is not a dough but a yeasted cake, topped with sweetened cream cheese Danish filling. This elegant, slice-able Danish is for pros and beginners both and is satisfying to the last crumb.

Marzipan adds flavor here in this quintessential holiday tea cake. It's a rich pound cake, studded with cherries and flavor. Lovely by the slice with tea or as a gift cake. It doesn't need aging.

This is a cherry cake doughnut but in a pan. And what's special about that? No frying! This is all the great taste of a doughnut shop classic but no fuss or bother or staling. This is one of the best cakes in the world - I hope you don't overlook it. It is moist and has almost a Duncan Hines cupcake texture to it but it is a 100% scratch cake.

A good keeper and great gift any time- a classic British poundcake studded with maraschino cherries.

This is not Cheskie’s recipe. This is mine. It is inspired by Cheskie’s Bakery in Montreal, who makes this incredible specialty to rave reviews like this one, by Jane and Michael Stern of Road Food. The bubka comes in chocolate (and I assume cinnamon but there was none the day I went down) and is a heavyweight loaf (sold by the pound) of micro thin layers of bubka dough, yielding a dense, chewy, old-fashioned bubka. This is not a puffy, bready bubka, this is more pastry-like. Check out:
I use milk and butter in my bubka replication but I believe Cheskies makes a pareve (no dairy) version. If you prefer yours to be non-dairy, use oil or shortening and all water (no milk).
You can also make the bubka in my cookbook A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking which is as good as Cheskies but different. You can never have too many great LBD (Little Black Dresses) or GBR (Great Bubka Recipes).

This is made in a huge loaf pan and then cut in two and sold in halves. If you count the layers of a Cheskie’s bubka, there are some 24 thin layers, all coiled up! If you want a Chocolate Bubka, omit the cinnamon and replace it with double the cocoa.

This mix-by-hand, deep chocolate cake is only more alluring because of this sticky, crunchy, slightly chewy chocolate crumb topping that goes on, mid-baking. It’s a totally unique, great pan-style chocolate cake that takes that old 9 by 13 inch cake to new heights.

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