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Cakes - Coffeecakes

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Hanukkah is about latkes and rugulah but I always like a new tradition. Chocolate chip challah seems perfect for the occasion! This is delicately sweet, strewn with chocolate and scented with vanilla. Braided with a chocolate-flavored dough and a regular, sweet one and topped with sugar, this is a divine sweet challah that's just perfect for Hanukkah dessert or coffee break.

Bundt cakes are in the air. The requests keep coming. Here is another one. This is tender crumbed, lusciously flavored (circa Sara Lee but butter) and slices like velvet. The baker's chocolate paste is a quick trick from pastry chefs who use cocoa and hot water (or melted butter) instead of melted a square of chocolate.

It is a neat, quick truc of the trade for home bakers too. There – I divulged a trade secret.

A sweet cheesecake tunnel, studded with chocolate chips, makes this cake a winner with kids and adults alike.  I use an angel pan for this -not a Bundt but if you use a Bundt pan, just make sure you generously spray it with non-stick cooking spray.


A packet of chocolate pudding makes this tender and luscious.

Rich, decadent, sinful, the perfect marriage between chocolate and raspberries.

 Tender, chocolatey, and kissed with honey and the lightest hint of spice – this cake is queenly. Most honey cake recipes call for tea or coffee but coca-cola is my secret ingredient in those, and this new recipe. The fusion of mellow honey, pure cocoa, coca-cola, and a gentle wave of spice makes this sublime. This is a tall, moist, dark and wonderous cake. A dusting of cocoa or confectioners’ sugar is fine or a drizzle of melted bittersweet chocolate is the final touch.

This was one of my specialty cakes when I was in the retail baking business.

I know – why add chocolate and spice to an apple cake? This is just an unbelievable cake I have made like, forever. It is hefty, moist, flavorful and something you wouldn’t think of as a masterful cake until you have one bite. Then are you are addicted and this becomes a staple in your repertoire as it is in mine. It has never appeared in any feature, cookbook and appears now, for the first time, online. A totally fabulous cake those time has come. Reminiscent of a Chunky Chocolate Bar.

Take a batch of this unique cinnamon bun dough, follow the simple directions and you get a huge cinnamon bun coffee cake. Gorgeous!

A golden sour cream cake is uplifted with a cinnamon swirl layer, topped with crumble and then finished in fondant. This is a cinnamon bun in a cake. A great slicing cake for company.

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