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Yes, this is the real deal that a famed frozen baked goods company is renown for, along with their wonderful butter cake. On the way to making some other sort of cheesecake which now pales, I invented what I thought was a cheesecake secret formula. It was much like prospecting for coal (good) but finding gold (better). The bottom crust becomes soft and cakey and blends into the cake. The cake itself is slightly springy when you first taste it (unchilled) and then morphs into true dairy freezer case cheesecake stereotype. More good news: it only uses a half a pound of cream cheese. Nobody doesn't like this cake.  

Bake and chill and then luxuriate in this rich but not too rich, cottage cheese based sweet almond pie. Serve with sour cream or fruit or plain. This freezes well too. Dry cottage cheese is a kosher style cottage cheese also called hoop or baker’s cheese. You can also use drained curd cottage cheese. For some reason, my gal pals love anything made with dry cottage cheese. It's one of those things that seems 'diet' but in this case, tastes sublime.

Just a little cheesecake for a few sublime slices and a romantic, private dessert party.  Find 7 inch cheesecake pans in the local dollar store. This is a silky smooth cheesecake that is low maintenance and high rewards.

This is a hunk of a cake that is a showstopper. The salty sweet candied bacon makes this a crazy-delicious sensation but you can make this cake minus the bacon and you will still be worshipped. Maple Cookie Crust is one option here (or ginger snaps if you like or the usual graham) or you can go the distance with the alternate, easy, secret crust. This is a celebration cake like no other. If you don’t make it for Thanksgiving, December 17th is National Bacon Day or July lst is National Cheesecake Day. Don’t freak out with this recipe: it’s essentially candied bacon (oven takes care of that), cheesecake, some add-ins, and an addictive maple bourbon caramel sauce. If you’re a guess at Thanksgiving and not knocked-out with the regular menu, show up with this cake. No one will forget you.

A great all in one brunch dish that is a nice addition to a brunch or a luncheon. Bechamel, Parmesan, and Gruyere cheeses all stacked high between tender blinzes. Bake it in the oven, cut in wedges to serve.

This dessert cuts like a cake, tastes like pastry, is pretty as a tart, and is easy as pie. The pastry, because it has baking powder in it, tastes like a hybrid of pastry and cake. The filling is a hybrid between cheesecake and custard pie. I know - too much talk. Just make it, taste it, enjoy the raves.

Dairy Queen is putting waffle bits in their blizzard sundaes. That inspired me to create a sugar-cone cheesecake, also with some waffle cones bits and more. Waffle cones are available in most supermarkets but Dairy Queen usually sells empty ones, by the singles, if you ask.

Toffee and Turtle bars come out to play in a cheesecake scrimmage. This is an ultra-smooth, caramel-laced cheesecake that takes just minutes to prepare. You can use any chocolate coffee toffee bar in this recipe. Heath Bars are fine and Skor Bars are excellent and Turtles are, well ...turtles (the pecan toffee ones, not the real ones).

This is the best of both worlds – gorgeous golden chiunks of carrot cake are set in a decadent cheesecake batter and topped with a bit of caramel and white chocolate drizzle as the ‘cream cheese’ icing.

Baby cheesecakes that bake up fast and easy and then chill double quick. When you want decadence in a small portion, these cheesecake cupcakes are perfect. Top these with small berries or an apricot half and slick it all up with warmed apricot jam. Or just dust with confectioners' sugar or a smear of melted dark or white chocolate. They also freeze a la Sara Lee style.

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