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A choux paste bottom bakes up into a golden crust. It’s filled with a special cream cheese filling, and then topped with fudge sauce or glazed, fresh fruit (such as strawberries and kiwi). A pretty dessert that is both elegant and easy.

No need to wait for the holidays...

Cheesecake on a stick? Close. This is a creamy and quick no-bake ice-cream cum cheesecake you can serve with hot fudge sauce or a cherry topping on any summer day. It's conveniently made ahead and ready when you are. Use premium quality ice-cream for maximum stability. Cancel the order for the Dairy Queen ice-cream cake – this is just as good if not better. This calls for premium vanilla ice-cream and Oreo crumbs but feel free to use any flavor ice-cream you prefer.

A dramatic version of a chocolate marble cheesecake. Bittersweet chocolate swirling throughout with a glossy fudge glaze
A filo crust cradles this treasure of a golden, spring-like cheesecake.Bird's Custard powder (or a vanilla pudding mix if you cannot find Bird's) makes a traditional cheesecake creamy but firm and lends a nice yellow hue. A filo crust cradles the cake and a sour cream topping provides a nice contrast. Fresh pureed strawberries would do nicely here.

A sumptuous little cheesecake you can whip up in no time flat. This is ideal when you want a smaller cheesecake, the nutritious and smoothness of a great Greek yogurt and the luxury of a decadent cheesecake. I suggested canned cherry pie topping or fresh fruit and apricot glaze but this cake is so good, it really doesn’t need anything but a fork.

 This recipe is part of a collection of cheesecakes that first appeared in Bon Appetit magazine in a feature called Fabulous Cheesecakes, my debut as a food writer. It is a glorious vanilla cheesecake with a touch of Middle Eastern halvah in it, and it is encased in filo dough. A holiday cheesecake. 

A luscious "tunnel" of cream cheese and chocolate chips makes this cake a winner with kids and adults alike.  Coffee for this cake can go the way of mellow or bold. This is a lovely Hanukkah cake-and-coffee entertaining cake. It keeps well enough to last 8 nights but don't count on that happening!

When tradition presents as creamy, smooth, cool cheesecake, what’s not to like? Gold Hanukkah gelt coins garnish this glamour girl.  A party pleaser. I sometimes make a white chocolate ganache and coat the chilled cake and then put on the gold coins. Talk about drama - talk about decadence!

A perfect holiday cheesecake for the winter season or simply if you have a crowd that loves brown sugar swirls and chunky oatmeal crunch in a creamy batter. The best granola for the job is Quaker’s Harvest Crunch. Some is used in the crust and more is thrown into the batter, where it bakes up soft and a touch chewy, and nestles into pockets of oaty/nutty/brown sugar goodness.

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