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A graham crust (what else?) is the foundation of this popular flavor cheesecake that takes the S'Mores concept into a more elegant, more enduring dessert. Perfect for a summer BBQ finale. Chunks of milk chocolate coarse slabs of more graham cookie and a few handfuls of tender, miniature marshmallows stud the creamy cheesecake. Topped in a milk-chocolate ganache and swirl of warm marshmallow. Kid stuff? We think not!  But you can share it with Girl Scout and Boy Scout friends. No campfire required.

So easy, decadent and addictive – I am not sure what I like better, the salted graham crust with the cream cheesecake nested in it or the sinful sludge of real caramel, perked up with Fleurs de Sel (or any fancy salt you prefer but it has to be tiny crystals, not fine salt as in table salt)

How amazing is cheesecake! Like bread, you change one element, or you fiddle ever so much with this or that and before you can say, ahhhhhh, another cheesecake is born. I have made many cheesecakes. All good. All special. But this, (eyes downcast, tone is modest), ‘this’ is my best.

A pastry crust is the foundation of this decadent Snickers cheesecake, which offers chunks of Snickers chocolate bar and swirls of caramel and peanut butter throughout the creamy dreamy cake

Snow White waited too long. When kisses won't do, insist on cheesecake. For a rockier road, add semi-sweet chocolate chunks.

Just a touch of spicy Pumpkin cheesecake - available in fridge-ready bars for your Thanksgiving nibbles. Extravagant but not as rich as a big cheesecake in the flavor of the holiday. A recipe from a very special collection in a feature I did for the now-defunct Coffee Magazine.

What is more luscious than this cheesecake-for-all seasons? Beautiful plums such as Santa Rosa, Pluots or Black Velvet are stewed with cardamom, cinnamon and a touch of cloves. This thickened tart-sweet preserve is the perfect topping counterpoint for a creamy cheesecake.

I had another STC but somehow, it wasn’t over the top enough. Which is the whole point to STC – it has to be smooth, creamy, decadent, different and over the top. This is a gorgeous, high standing, brown-sugar tinged cheesecake that features chunks of Sticky Toffee Cake and is anointed with sticky toffee sauce. It is grandiose, rich and pretty wonderful. The other point to anything sticky toffee is NOT to tell ANYONE sticky toffee cake has some dates in it. You don’t see them, don’t taste them, and it just ruins an otherwise incredible dessert adventures. You know how people can be about dates. (it is how I am about mint jelly).


Here is a beautiful, pure-of-heart cheesecake – all white chocolate and vanilla sweetness. As for the topping, well, I suppose this is more compote that coulis but compote has no flair (or business) in a recipe title. Offer this sauce alongside a vanilla and white chocolate cheesecake. It is the perfect marriage of smooth rich cheesecake and tart rhubarb. I would also offer this with rich, cream scones.

A silky cream cheese interior, nestled in a buttery heart-shaped crust.Lemon curd or brandied cherry sauce would make a nice side, or dust with confectioners' sugar. This is a huge, cream, classic vanilla cheesecake with chunks of white chocolate, offered in a filo crust. It is show-stopping gorgeous and draws oh's and ah's and is perfect for a summer wedding. Garnish it with rose petals and white chocolate shavings. Heart shaped cheesecake pans are in most gourmet shops.

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