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The taste of the traditional dessert with more shelf life (if it stays around long enough to make it to a shelf!).

These are luxurious, memorable, easy and almost more decadent than cheesecake itself. If you had them on hand, chopped up Turtle bars would tilt these into an illegal substance. I prefer these brownies cut in wedges, in a cheesecake pan for this recipe.


This yule log gets fancy with a filling of truffle-like mousse and a topping of Swiss chocolate glaze. It's definitely for chocolate lovers and perfect for making their holiday chocolate-special.

A slick and sassy slice.

Silky smooth and spun with pumpkin pie spices, this beauty is a crowd pleaser. Pumpkin Pie spices come in the spice section of your supermarket. But any combination of cinnamon, allspice, mace, nutmeg, and cloves (as per taste) will do. This is a bit more modest a pumpkin cheesecake than my Pumpkin Cheesecake 'opus' - Pumpkin Eruption Cheesecake (now in an upcoming cookbook) but it is still rather decadent.

This is not a recipe; this is the blueprint for a new business.  On a recent wander up and down

Montreal's famed St. Denis Street I stumbled into Babette’s Feast, a little tea and pastry room that is like a time warp to 1950's rural France. It is like an old-time French general store, replete with tins of tea, fine chocolates, Brittany cookies and a nod-to-French-Canada in these amazing truffles. These are not them exactly but as the original were thin white chocolate truffle coating, hiding a center of molten maple cream, and the whole thing was coated in crushed maple sugar. What a sensation. This is what they mean when they say: ambrosial. My version is easier but totally wonderful. I features a maple cream center, white chocolate exterior and if you want, a coating of crushed pecan/brown sugar and maple heaven.

This cake is over the top - in look and in taste. Don't let the components intimidate you.There is no need to do it all in one day. You can freeze the baked cheesecake and garnish with the white chocolate topping and raspberries an hour or so before serving. Work with melted chocolate at room temperature for best results. This is a sublime concoction of all your favorite flavors. Isn't it romantic? Sure, in an over the top, pure seduction sort of way.

Here is a beautiful, pure-of-heart cheesecake - all pristine white chocolate and vanilla sweetness.  Get the best white chocolate you can for this recipe as you need that wonderful flavor and great melting qualities. This is an elegant, light cheesecake that seduces at one bite. It is made for a summer night, ferris wheels and camp fire wishes. It is totally sublime and one of my go-to white cheesecake recipes.

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