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Cookies - Biscotti

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Want to manifest better biscotti? Well, you need to know The Secret of Baker Street. There is a secret to biscotti – many secrets and I share tons of them in my cookbooks. But recently, even I found yet another secret that blew the lid open on what even I know about biscotti. (It is included in the recipe instructions and it will, guaranteed, change how you do biscotti). This recipe contains ‘the secret’ and then some.  It is a symphony of double-caramel batter, studded with chunks of chocolate, hunky almonds and chocolate syrup ripples running through a crisp, crumbly biscotti that is totally divine.

A buttery shortbread base is the throne to a special caramel filling all topped off with a yet another unique chocolate triumphurate crown. No wonder these are Millionaire Bars –they are a treasure. Forget about the economy, breathe in and out, and munch on one of these.If you like Twix bars but even better - this is just the ticket.

This famed recipe is the king of urban legend recipes – recipes that are passed around and have an unlikely (but charming tale attached to them). This one, also known as the Nieman Marcus $250.00 Cookie Recipe as well as the Mrs. Fields Cookie Recipe is a classic.

A New York friend once Fed Ex'ed some famous Levain Bakery cookies to me and later on, I also had the pleasure to interview one of Levain’s owners. Both experiences made me determined to create my own Levain-styled chocolate chip cookies. This recipe is also in my cookbook, A Passion for Baking, 2007 and new edition 2014, Oxmoor House.

Do you know Walker's Shortbread? It's a classic commercial shortbread imported from Scotland. I used to adore it until I became a shortbread expert in my own right. Here's some tips on making the best shortbread or check out Pure Scottish Shortbread (along with a trick about classic Pie Dough)

My latest best-ever chocolate chip cookies which has a few tricks going on in it. So just follow the recipe (and give the dough an overnight chill before baking it off). These are chewy centered but not cakey, and the edges are perfect. The next day they are still perfect: not soggy, cakey or hard. Find amazing unsalted butter, milk chocolate and pure vanilla for this blue-ribbon winner. I use milk chocolate chips or a combo of milk and semi-sweet chocolate. You can use chocolate chunks or chips.

Tiny butter cookies sandwiched together with a peppermint patty or an After Eight Mint. These are better than anything Pepperidge Farm offers. Make them ultra thin or just thin enough – they are amazing either way.

Shortening, margarine, and various "kernel oils" are the foundation for many commercial cookies. This version of those commercial cookies kids seem to love use instead, the somewhat healthier new non trans fats shortening from Crisco, and pure, miniature chocolate chips . Make these small to medium sized cookies for a tender crunch. These are almost like the store but better.

Over 2000 downloads! These are naturally gluten free and naturally Passover perfect so enjoy – no matter what your incentive. These are chewy, crisp, dense and sweet almond horseshoes found in bakeries. They are wonderful to munch on or dip in wine or espresso and as fancy as they look, that are ridiculously easy to make.

How many types of almond biscotti can you make? Let me count the ways. This one features a deeply almond-fused biscotti batter that showcases marzipan, with crunchy ground almonds, raw whole almonds and a layer of sugared almond crunch. It makes grandiose biscotti with a nice ribbon of stuff in the center. These are impossibly huge, granted but, serve them that way; let guests break them in half, and nibble. They also pack well to send as gifts.

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