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Cookies - Biscotti

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Inspired by Ben and Jerry's wonderful Cherry Garcia ice cream.This buttery cookie offers the tang of chewy, dried sour cherries, along with chunks of white and dark chocolate. Macadamia nuts are optional but terrific. Use the best white chocolate you can find.

These are just great - oversized, thick but crisp out edges with densely chewy centers.  Best of all, they feature wonderful, slightly crackly tops and look like they were plucked out of a general store cookie jar.  You can also make them smaller but these large versions - about 3 inches diameter, are dynamite. All butter is better of course but part shortening, in these cookies, makes them commercial - sad but true.....

These are pretty similar to Famous Amos. They take margarine which makes them authentic.

From The New Best of BetterBaking.Com cookbook, Whitecap Books 2009 .  Almond scented shortbread, filled with luscious dulce de leche caramel filling. One of a kind gift but save some for yourself! Make your own dulce de leche from the free recipe on this site or find ready-made (if you must). This is about the best cookie in the world and the ideal holiday gift. Make it once-it will become, as it is mine, your trademark. I learned about alphahore cookies in tango class. 13 years of tango later (which one needs to work off the alphahores calories), I am still making these amazing cookies. If you make only one cookie (after oatmeal and Tollhouse) this would be it.

These are a riff on Anzac cookies – they make amazing chewy, butter oatmeal bars, slightly caramelized in taste. Created to honor both the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp, these cookies were sent by the women to their troops fighting far away in World War I. The Lyle’s golden syrup is a must - it is absolutely delectable in these cookies and it puts the capital “A” in Anzac.

II love spice, apples and apple cider so this had to get wrapped up in a biscotti. Sometimes I glaze these with an confectioners’ sugar quick fondant glaze or instead, use the special cider/sugar dipping method to finish these off.

This is just like an apple pie but with the crunch of biscotti. A little apple pie filling makes them exceptional.

Apples and spice – what a winning combination for a refreshing new hamantashen variety. You can use canned apple pie filling (just make the apple pieces smaller by dicing finer –messy but important) or your own apple filling with the recipe here.  Either approach will give you orchard-fresh hamantashen in that cinnamon spice and apple flavour everyone loves.

Apple sauce adds a nice flavor and texture here.

I only make these squares using Californian apricots (Bella Viva Orchards is my source of supply. But you can also use dried mango, which I get from Costco. Nothing beats the sweet but tangy filling of apricot (or mango) in these luscious, easy squares. These have a bit of oatmeal in them but you can also try my recipe for Apricot Squares that are shortbread based.

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