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Cookies - Biscotti

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This Czech pastry has many different names and many European bakers make a variation on this sour-cream dough, filled with fresh and beautiful apricot filling. You can use other fruit fillings but to me, apricot is the perfect match for this tender, buttery, sour cream dough. In my recipe archives, there is also a recipe for a yeasted kolache, if you prefer.

Layered butter cookies with imported jam of any flavour (I favour plum or apricot but raspberry or cherry are popular) make a stack of cookies you simply cut and wrap or serve. 

Deep chocolate biscotti, warmed up with a touch of vanilla and a few handfuls of macadamia nuts for crunch, buttery flavor, and exotica. Melted chocolate is optional, smeared on top, with more chopped nuts to finish the ensemble. If you're really bold, add a few grains of fleur de sel on top to accentuate the depth of the chocolate flavour.

What a story. What a cookie. In the late 80's I applied for a job in the classified. It simply said: Baker Wanted, Knowledge of David's Cookies a must. I had never heard of David's Cookies but I quickly found out. I ordered some from New York, munched, ate, and replicated a batch or two or three. No, David Lebovitz himself did not give me the recipe and I am not trying to upstage a cookie entrepreneur who I respect. So if David reads this, kudos to you, sir and for all others, do visit for the originals. If you want Pepperidge Farm sort of cookies (thin, buttery, crisp, delicate), make these small, with warm, freshly made dough. If you want them bigger, heftier, make them with chilled dough, and triple the batter used (and longer baking time).  Yes, there is no leavener in these cookies - that is not a mistake. Lindt Chocolate is the best choice for these and apparently what David's cookies used. Incidentally, David's used to use (do they still?) and I used, commercial CTX ovens which conveyed cookies along a heated, baking trail until they emerged out the other end of this cookie dedicated oven which was a long tunnel that produced amazing cookies. Your home oven will do a great job with this great recipe too!

Are these brownies or cookies or truffle pastries?

Serve one chilled, over easy, with an espresso and savour each decadent bite.

Make them large and mounded for huge, dense cookies, or smaller, and flatter, for chewier ones.

There's something innately and enduringly appealing about the chocolate mint connection. It's a flavour combo that never fails to impress. These are decadent fudge cookies, with crackly tops and a texture midway between cookie and brownie (think crisp edges and fudgy insides - like a truffle cookie). Warm, out of the oven, they are anointed with a peppermint patty or After Eight mint.

Dip an Oreo in this special batter, fry and you have a totally different cookie. The Oreos soften a bit inside and it’s almost like a chocolate layer cake inside a dessert fritter.


Dark demerara sugar transforms shortbread. This version features the light taste of butter in a dense cookie but with a wonderful bouquet of caramel, courtesy of the demerra, sometimes called raw sugar. If you don't have it, use dark brown sugar. The taste and texture will be slightly different but either sugars produce an addictive, buttery, crumbly shortbread.

As delicious as it is colorful.

Over 2500 Downloads. A decadent, crisp and chewy chocolate batter, bolstered up with chunks of white chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate chunks or chips. Make these big, for the best texture (and then share).

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