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Cookies - Biscotti

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These are thick, vanilla-laced, dense and sandy butter cookies. Divine on their own, an orange-and-vanilla scented, melted white chocolate coating makes them ambrosial. These would be equally divine with semi-sweet chocolate on top. Double strength vanilla would make these resound with pure vanilla flavor. Just make sure you use quality white chocolate to ensure even melting.Orange Oil, which appears in this recipe, comes from and it is an essential part of the Kitchen.

Knock-out bars of brown sugar batter, stuffed with chocolate chips and thick chunks of Oreo cookies. Get the milk. These are incredibly rich and good and exploding with taste. Ok, so maybe they're outrageous. Add this to my Oreo repertoire which includes Oreo Cheesecake, Fried Oreos, Oreo Cupcakes, Oreo Ice-Box Cake and Oreo Black Bottom Muffins and an Oreo-Stuffed Coffee Cake in my cookbook, A Passion for Baking.

A nice bite...

If these were not available in some form during Passover break, my sons would go on strike. Crushed potato chips (yes) give these a nice crunch.

Just the thing with a cup of tea the morning after the last seder. It has eggs – heck – that makes it breakfast food. Seriously, this is just a fine mandelbrot/biscotti that is flour-free and delicious.

Once in a while, I crave peanut butter cookies. I love chocolate chip and oatmeal and then – I remember how buttery, crisp (with dense centers) a classic peanut butter cookie is. Add a touch of jam and stack two together and PB&J cookies are heavenly. These are those fork cross-hatched style cookies that do a cookie jar proud.

The best of a crunchy peanut cookie with a river of strawberry jam or jelly running through it. These are fun as well as unique and just plain tasty. A coating of sugar and crushed roasted peanuts makes these irresistible. These are crisp and slightly chewy and as good without the second bake but that is up to you. Not just for lunch boxes. Not just for kids.

I work on my shortbread pretty well each year. I am always on the path to better shortbread. This time I think I got it perfect, definitive and yet still classic. No cornstarch, no icing sugar or add-ins that are not authentic. This is crisp, sandy and easy. Don't forget to use the secret ingredient; it makes all the difference.

Everyone needs one or two great sugar cookie recipes. This is one of my favorites. It is a tender dough so watch, if kids are part of the rolling duties, that the dough is well chilled and the board, well floured. For more tender sugar cookies, look for ones with egg yolks and cream in them.

A tiny bottle of champagne is all you need for these elegant cookies. These are tiny butter cookies, slicked up with a glaze that lends them sudden sophistication. Make tons of these and wrap them in pretty cello bags as a take-away gift at a wedding or take them as a hostess gift to a New Year’s Day brunch. If you prefer, you can use pink grapefruit juice in the glaze, instead of the alcohol.

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