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Cookies - Biscotti

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Instead of Rice Crispies, why not raisin bran cereal for a change?  That offers a bit more fiber and in a bar, you have a quick snack that stops hunger pangs fast.

What could be prettier or tastier than this combination of New York Style vanilla cheesecake matched up with raspberry biscotti.

The real McCoy proportedly as served from Nieman Marcus restaurant. Adapted from the The Nieman Marcus Cookbook, Kevin Garvin Clarkson Potter 2003. These are crisp, classic ,great chocolate chip cookies for your collection.

French pastry chefs let nothing go to waste. Leftover croissants (make sure you use great ones) filled with an almond butter paste, and rebaked, are sublime.  This is a pastry and hotel school staple and something you can expect to see in many a French pastry shop window. They are puffy, buttery, extremely easy but unique treats that will make you say, 'Oh shut up. Too good!"   If you like this recipe, you'll also love 1,2,3, Croissant Cronuts and Butter Flakey Doughnuts (not quite Cronuts)

Like New York Black and White Cookies, these are big, crisp and gorgeous butter sugar cookies. One side is white fondant and the other side is red – very Cupid does Yin Yang. These are, fondant and love notwithstanding, the best sugar cookies on the planet.


These are wonderful, decadent chocolate chunk cookies that carry that gorgeous red velvet hue but with an inherently rich cocoa flavor. But Red Velvet colour and flavor agent, takes it up a notch. It’s available from King Arthur Flour.

White chocolate, raspberries, and chocolate covererd (or regular) blueberries for the Red, White and Blue spirit in you - on July 4th or any other time you have a sweet tooth married with a patriotic urge. The chocolate covered blueberries are available at times, from LL Bean but you can also look online. But if you don't have them, you can leave them out for a still-stellar, red/white/blue crunchy biscotti that merits flag waving.

These are inspired by a savory biscotti favored in the Rhode Island Italian community. Use a medium red wine or even a sweet kosher wine.

These are made with part bread flour and part cake flour. For some reason, they come out blonde looking (versus dark caramel), have dense chewy centers and a nice crisp crunch somewhat like a Chinese restaurant almond cookie. They are also the sort of cookie that a diner would serve or you would find at the cash in a big cookie jar at a family style restaurant. This is a great kid cookie and a nice change from too-ooey, gooey chocolate chip cookies. Yet, they are definitely Tollhouse enough for anyone to enjoy. These take a few hours of chill time or overnight is ideal.

Indian summer sometimes yields a bumper crop of rhubarb. When it does, throw the rhubarb into this amazing tart/sweet biscotti. R.W. Knudsen’s unsweetened, pure juices are best for this biscotti that calls for a dip in juice and then sugar before its second bake. These are very intensely flavored juices that are great in baking. Try Knudsen’s Just Sour Cherry or Just Cranberry for this recipe (regular cranberry juice will work too) widely available and especially available in health food stores.

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