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Cookies - Biscotti

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Indian summer sometimes yields a bumper crop of rhubarb. When it does, throw the rhubarb into this amazing tart/sweet biscotti. R.W. Knudsen’s unsweetened, pure juices are best for this biscotti that calls for a dip in juice and then sugar before its second bake. These are very intensely flavored juices that are great in baking. Try Knudsen’s Just Sour Cherry or Just Cranberry for this recipe (regular cranberry juice will work too) widely available and especially available in health food stores.

One of those decadent, kitchen sink sort of confections. This is a funky, dense chocolate biscotti that has a brownie taste with biscotti crunch.

This is a beautiful little cookie that whips up in minutes and tastes like it belongs at Harrods’s tea hour. A touch of orange, some vanilla, and a handful of cranberries and cherries makes this a tea cake that stands out.

 Chocolate, marshmallow and graham biscuits line the bottom of this cheesecake and more are planted on top. The result is a gooey, ooey, s’more-like mess of a cheesecake that is indescribable but so darned good, you might never eat those cookies any other way. The cookies create an instant bottom crust which manages to coat the bottom but also, some float up and become part of the filling. 

A puffy chocolate cookie is studded with chunks of Cookies and Cream chocolate bars and drizzled with more white chocolate after baking. Sour cream, as well as a touch of cream chees, star in this rich chocolate cookie that is mouth-watering, delicate and decadent – all at once. Saco cocoa is wonderfully full bodied in taste but not harsh, offering these cookies a full rounded taste. The chopped Saco chocolate semi-sweet chocolate chunks, offer a nice counterpoint of darker chocolate, against a milder chocolate cookie. The white chocolate, cookies and cream chunks are the final touch.

This is a Marcy © 2008 Recipe, created exclusively for Saco Food Products.

Tollhouse Cookies revisited with sea salt and sweet caramel - perfect ying yan cookie!

Salted roasted peanuts in a classic shortbread cookie? Talk about a Highland Fling! These are gorgeous shortbread cookies on their own. Adding the salty nutty taste of peanuts makes them gourmet fare.

Talk about eye candy! This ooey gooey sweet, salt peanut butter cookie is boss. It is crunchy crisp on the edges and gooey and dense in the center with a dual peanut hit in both sweet and salty.

Biscotti is sweet and made for dipping into espresso? Si? Not always. Try our savory spin. With the salty smack of parmesan cheese and the savoriness of herbs and black pepper.

Rusks are much like biscotti and mandelbrot - they are crisp, dry cookies that are perfect for munching or dipping in tea (Chai would be a good choice). These are gently spiced and fragrant in the way only something made with almonds, sour cream, butter and cardamom could be.

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