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Cookies - Biscotti

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Inspired by the movie, Simply Irresistible (another food dvd you have to rent), these are luscious little éclairs. Make these small enough to serve 2-3 per person.  These are delicate but decadent miniature éclairs, filled with silken pastry cream and a unique caramel topping. Bakeries use either commercial coffee flavored fondant or caramelized sugar. This novel approach gives you the ease of fondant but retains the nice caramel notes that make the whole concept come together.

Skinny Cookie, Part Deux. These are egg free, spicy, carrot enhanced, wonderful cookies. They are……a meal.The fresh ginger (which you think you will hate) is the magic touch.

The skinny on these egg and butter free chocolate cookies is that they are ….healthy. Use Omega 3 eggs and hearty-healthy semi-sweet chocolate, with the other good things in this easy recipe and you might never by a bag of Mallomars again. These also freeze well and are simply good and filling. This is great when you want chocolate decadence and still want to feel noble. These are sprawling, chewy-crisp cookies that simply taste like super cookies – i.e. don’t tell people they are healthy or skinny or anything else but delicious. If you love these, you'll adore Carrot Cake Skinny Cookies in my cookbook, A Passion for Baking or Oatmeal Skinny cookies on this website.

These are great when you want a hearty cookie and a little less fat. I make these large for guests and small (and freeze them) to tote in the car in case of traffic and hunger attacks. You can up the nutrition by using Omega-3 variety eggs, which are a bit more heart-healthy. But you can also leave the eggs out of this cookie, for less fat and an egg-free version.

She shoots, she scores – the baker’s decadent cookie for the holidays. Make them big for snacking or tiny, for gift-giving.

These macaroons re-write the genre. They are almost like French Madeleine’s, but dense with almonds and coconut, lightened with egg whites and held together with one creamy can of condensed milk. Bake them in tiny tartlet molds (or a in muffin pan) liberally sprayed with nonstick cooking spray. Wrap them tiny and pretty, as gifts, or served them semi-chilled, topped with a glace cherry.

Chewy, sweet, little, satisfying.

These are best eaten the same day. Freeze logs of dough and bake as required (microwave about 60-90 seconds if you are in a hurry to defrost). Store these in a snug, sealed container to retain their softness.

Oh heavens. This is heavenly. Ever get tired of crisp, hard biscotti BUT, like the wonderful sticks of cookie shape? This is a slightly softer biscotti, golden and studded with both Kirsch-soaked sour cherries (both frozen/fresh and dried). These are sublime and different but soon to become a classic, if not a staple in your kitchen.

As good as it sounds.

I am very, very partial to these simple, but great cookies. Big, fat, cakey, sour-cream laced old-fashioned farm cookies like these are one example. Add some raisins and a hint of orange and you have it made in the shade. No one can keep their hands out of the cookie jar when these are in them. You forget, in a world of chewy, rich, crunchy, over-the-top cookies how good simple (but never plain), pure, sour cream cookies can be. It's not a cake nor a muffin nor a scone but a soft, billowy snacky cookie from yesteryear.


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