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Cookies - Biscotti

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These are best eaten the same day. Freeze logs of dough and bake as required (microwave about 60-90 seconds if you are in a hurry to defrost). Store these in a snug, sealed container to retain their softness.

Oh heavens. This is heavenly. Ever get tired of crisp, hard biscotti BUT, like the wonderful sticks of cookie shape? This is a slightly softer biscotti, golden and studded with both Kirsch-soaked sour cherries (both frozen/fresh and dried). These are sublime and different but soon to become a classic, if not a staple in your kitchen.

As good as it sounds.

What is nicer than a buttery pastry counterpointed with sweet-tart filling of sour cherry preserves? The dough alone is a winner; add the filling and you got a slice of heaven! If you can’t find sour cherry preserves and/or don’t make your own, use the trick in the recipe!

I am very, very partial to these simple, but great cookies. Big, fat, cakey, sour-cream laced old-fashioned farm cookies like these are one example. Add some raisins and a hint of orange and you have it made in the shade. No one can keep their hands out of the cookie jar when these are in them. You forget, in a world of chewy, rich, crunchy, over-the-top cookies how good simple (but never plain), pure, sour cream cookies can be. It's not a cake nor a muffin nor a scone but a soft, billowy snacky cookie from yesteryear.


Mellow, sugar cookies – delicate and light. A pleasure to roll out. They bake up crisp as sugar cookies (if you roll them thin) and taste like a cross between shortbread and pastry.

A crunchy, simple, homey mandelbrot or biscotti. The Rice Krispies give it a sense of nuttiness.  You can also use Special K - but either way - this makes a really nice, homey satisfying cookie no one can stop nibbling on.

Suitable for traditional cookies, gingerbread men, molded cookies.

These are a handful of heaven. They are alive with spice, brown sugar, butter, and caramel overtones, all set in a toasty, oatmeal cradle. Make them huge as gifts or tiny, and pack them in a Mason jar for home nibbling.

Ok - so these are from a State Fair baking contest but how else to get you to stand up and salute an exceptional oatmeal cookie, bursting with plump dried blueberries? I love oatmeal cookies but in summer, they could use a fruity overhaul. True, fresh fruit is in season but adding fresh fruit to oatmeal cookie batter only makes the cookies mushy. Dried fruit is perfect and in this case, dried blueberries are anti-oxidant, fiber rich, super tasty additions. I get my dried blueberries from Costco under the Kirklandstore brand. These are vitamin packed, old-fashioned, wondrously great cookies. Folks who dropped by my test kitchen couldn’t stop asking for the recipe. Here it is! You will also note these are made with baking powder and only a touch of baking soda. Too often, cookies call for too much baking soda but I find baking powder gives you the leavening you need without any tell-tale baking soda aftertaste. Don’t know about you but I can taste too much baking soda from a country mile away.


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