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Cookies - Biscotti

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Dried strawberries are the dried cranberries of today. Minced up in these simple shortbread cookies with a touch of white chocolate makes for a total taste sensation. So British and yet so…..American.

Vanilla and graham crumb batter, with a crown of cheesecake filling and fresh strawberries. This bakes up in a pan, instead of freeform, and offers a cheesecake that you can eat out of hand. Or a biscotti with illusions of grandeur.

The hue of this filling is like a Californian sunset. The taste is…..heavenly. A totally awesome new variety of hamantashen pastry. Dried mango and strawberries are available from Costco to bulk food stores.

Why not just repackage the whole deal in one new treat? Biscotti batter, stuffed with berries and cream, and then topped with a white fondant, which is totally unnecessary but finishes off the visual tableau of cookies, creamy filling, and bits of scarlet berries, peaking through. A portrait in season flavors, encased in an oversized biscotti stick.

Nutty, spicy, perfect dunkers for egg nog. Make smaller logs of this biscotti dough and then cut these tiny so they are more biscottini or biscotti-cookies than traditional biscotti sticks. These are extra good if you toss them in fine sugar-cinnamon after their second bake.

Simple butter and sugar cookie dough, baked into precious heart shapes. One half gets a smear of raspberry preserves and then is topped with a top cookie. Dust with confectioners sugar or dip in melted semi-sweet or white chocolate. These are also good filled with lemon curd, Nutella, dulce de leche, melted chocolate, peanut butter, or apricot preserves. Dollar stores have great heart tins to pack these into.

This is a perfect butter cookie that borders on shortbread in taste. It's good plain or decorate with fancy touches.

Biscotti are sweet and made for dipping. Si? Not always.

Hamantashen are the traditional Purim treat that is a cookie or pastry with a hidden inner filling of fruit. But sweet cheese kreplach are another sort of Purim pastry that is just as welcome.

Something to be grateful for on your Thanksgiving table! These my new favourite biscotti recipe and just in time for Canadian (and American) Thanksgiving. These are crisp and spicy and festive - a wonderful coffee klatch biscotti or gift. I almost always coat one side of these with melted white chocolate which I mix with cinnamon or orange oil. Just roast an extra sweet potato for using in this recipe.

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