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Cookies - Biscotti

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The best of my two favorite worlds: chocolate chip cookies and New York Style cheesecake filling. Baked together into one stupendous bar, this is a surprisingly easy-to-make recipe that's innately pleasing.

Ever wonder what Tollhouse cookies would taste like with the chips "outside" the cookie and the cookie left simple and buttery?

Homey and also traditional, this orange-scented dough made with oil is extra quick and easy - a bowl, wooden spoon and two hands are tools enough, and the one you'll probably most associate with your grandmother's famous recipe. Produces a slightly crisper hamantaschen than the one above, this recipe should tug at your tastebuds' memory.  If you want a softer hamantashen, increase the baking powder to 2 or 2 1/2 teaspoons, roll the dough thicker and instead of storing these in wax paper, store them in plastic wrap or a tin (which will soften them even more -i.e. more cakey, vs. pastry-like)

A crisp and chewy chocolate batter, bolstered up with chunks of white chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate chunks or chips.

Sunny flavors inspire the taste buds at a time of year we can use all the extra sunshine we can get – even if we have to bake up the rays ourselves. The best all natural orange and lemon extract for this recipe are newly launched and are by Nielsen Massey Vanilla company but you can substitute regular orange and lemon extract or Boyajian citrus oils. The rum orange coating is divine but leave out the rum if you prefer not to use spirits.

 This is one of those exceptionally thin biscotti or Mandelbrot. Make it with oil – it’s Mandelbrot for Hanukkah. Make it with melted butter and you have gourmet biscotti. It is micro-thin and one of those ‘private file recipes’ and a great gift recipe.

These are monster cookies but thin, crisp and butter with a touch of cream cheese in the batter. You could make them small but they are sensational if you make them 6 inches and roll almost as thin as Pringles. Almost. Add colored sprinkles or dust on sugar tossed in maple syrup for a seasonal touch. These are wonderfully buttery, crisp but not hard nor snappy, nor dough –they are perfect.

Densely filled with chocolate chips, crisp edges that are slightly rolled and hefty and a chewy center: a super chocolate chip cookie for your collection.

Pure vanilla extra and vanilla paste, a wonderful product from Nielsen Massey you can find at their site and in fine food stores.
Vanilla beans are also available from Nielsen Massey or find food stores or online. Make sure the vanilla bean you use is soft and pliable. Make a slit lengthwise and scrape out the ‘goo’ or seeds inside.

Flecks of pure vanilla bean and pure extract mellow up the buttery taste of classic shortbread.


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