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Cookies - Biscotti

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These are wicked good. You know how all recipes regarding sugar cookies with jam in ‘em tell you to roll the dough thin? Forget that. These are half an inch thick or more. What happens is you get a dense cookie, with crisp edges and a slightly chewy center. These are simply out of this world. It is not quite a pastry, not quite a cookie but something boldly inbetween. I use apricot or raspberry jam , or sometimes caramel spread or melted chocolate. What's nicest about these cookies is they are all butter. In a bakery these days, it would be shortening based - with that bland taste and weird fat-on-the-roof-of-your-mouth thing going on.

Of Dutch origin, these gently caramel and spice cookies are a cross between shortbread and butter cookies. They feature the flavor of Speculoos or Biscoff spread but that product is not in the cookie recipe itself. I use it instead to make these sandwich style cookies. You can find Speculoos (aka cookie spread) spread via Amazon or another version at Trader Joe’s. It spreads like Nutella and tastes like ground up spice cookies. Biscoff cookies on their own are sublime and although they’re a holiday cookie, they’re a classic welcome anytime.

These are dense biscotti that feature big dark cherries (but sour cherries are nice too) and a bit of a mysterious spice called mahlep, available in Middle Eastern spice stores.  The wine and cherry juice sugar coating is an extra touch; these are wonderful with or without the sweet coating.

Deep chocolate and a ribbon of cherry preserves, spiked with Cherry Herring or Kirsch, all coated in melt chocolate. A little autumal elegance

Gooey, rich and summery squares. Big hunks to munch on at the outdoor terrace or city square or courtyard  (those cement and grass squares between buildings) on a lunch break at work or strolling in the park. This classic bar soars to new heights with contemporary touches of berries and white chocolate.

Lightly butterscotch in character, fine shortbread by any other name. Make a tin of mixed white sugar and brown sugar shortbread. Pulverized sugar is the trick along with a smidgen of rice flour and slow baking.

These are enormous cookies, crisp Tollhouse that surround a huge center of fudge brownie – almost like a giant cookie dumpling. You bite into a crisp and chewy cookie and immediately encounter an almost molten center of chocolate. The contrast of crisp cookie and dense, moist brownie is magical. Look for this recipe in a new cookbook I am working on. (For now, enjoy it free, on the house!)


These are worth their weight in gold. A scone recipe (of all things) that went awry. No self-respecting baker throws out a pound of butter, a lump of brown sugar and heavy cream just because things "don't look right". I rarely omit vanilla in my cookie recipes but one this soars with unrivaled, pure flavor of the butter and brown sugar. This is essentially big sticks of biscotti with a shortbread pedigree.


Buttermilk Cinnamon Biscotti is a mellow and spicy combination. It is like cinnamon toast but in a snappy stick of biscotti.

Use any chocolate covered toffee bar for a decadent biscotti
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