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Cookies - Biscotti

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Use any chocolate covered toffee bar for a decadent biscotti

A bit of a switch in poppy seed cookies. A rich, crisp buttery dough, filled with requisite poppy seeds makes this homey and delicious.
Make these tiny and thin to serve with tea.

These bars, aka Hello Dolly’s, Layered Magic Bars, are a standby since the sixties, probably, and a back-of-product favorite recipe from condensed milk cans, is still a great, sweet, treat. Literally made in minutes, it features a graham crust and then you simply pour or layer on the ‘good stuff’ like caramel and chocolate chips, coconut, walnuts, and of course, the condensed milk. It lasts forever or freezes for an eternity and is a nice stand-by on a dessert table or in a lunch bag.  I usually double this recipe and make massive 7-Layer Bars (of course, bake long until bars appear set). Kraft now has mini caramels (unwrapped too so they're easier to use in baking) that would work well in this recipe to replace the caramel chips.

Caramel or butterscotch pudding mix in the batter makes these unique and sumptuous. Perfect for bake sales and cookie jars

These are hunks: manly (is that possible) squares that are Tollhouse classic and brown sugar lovely, but beefed up with chocolate chips and pools of caramel dulce de leche. Oh, but there are healthy too! There is a whole cup of oatmeal in these bars. See? And you were worried they were simply too good to be true.

This is inspired !There is no other word. It features a mellow vanilla, cinnamon, orange biscotti batter, calico-ed up with shredded carrots, walnuts chunks and raisins. The cream cheese frosting is actually melted white chocolate. This is a total sensation that grabs your attention in its concept but retains your attention for its incredible, great taste. This is what to bring (unless you opt for cheesecake) to the party. This biscotti is crisp without being hard, and the flavor just shines - it does taste exactly like carrot cake....just on a stick!

You know those milk chocolate cherries you get at this time of year and at Valentine’s Day? Well, they become extraordinary in this recipe because they’re part of the whole deal. Just imagine a buttery cookie with an oozing center of chocolate cherry and fondant goo.Wrap each of these cookies in pretty paper and then pack in a tin. These are extraordinary. I once brought them to a Christmas radio baking show and they disappeared like a summer breeze in December.

These are too good – embarrassingly good and ridiculously easy. It’s hamantashen, it’s pastry, it’s Danish, it’s novel and yet homey and a new tradition you have to adopt. Imagine tender pastry bottoms, a baked cheesecake filling and cherry cheesecake topping in one little package. It's refreshing and different but still manages to say Happy Purim!


Toss in a can of chestnut puree and enjoy the truffle-like texture and taste of these brownies. Topped with a thick coasting of chilled ganache frosting, these are simply divine. They are rich but unexpectantly light and more like a French chocolate pastry/cake. Cut them semi-frozen, using a cookie cutter or sharp knife to make small diamond shapes which you then serve in paper pastry cups as a confection. These freeze very well.

Bulk recipe for 12 dozen (can be doubled), this is a crowd pleasing recipe that you can make ahead and freeze in packets of dough or bake off the whole batch. You can also halve the recipe, for a more modest quantity of fudge, chocolate chip cookies that are crisp edged and chewy centered. No worries, as with Nestle's dough recall Make a big batch of dough yourself and you will have cookies every bit as good as commercial, but with wholesome, homemade taste and the convenience you need. (Afterall, wasn't that why you bought the frozen dough to begin with? Surely, you know your own dough, real butter, and real vanilla is better?)
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