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Cookies - Biscotti

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Not too much flour but tons of chocolate make this a sophisticated blob of chocolate goodness. This is a pillowy cookie that is part cake, part brownie, part cookies. It looks like a crater on its own but a dusting of confectioners’ sugar pretties it up or a smear of melted white chocolate would be gorgeous.

What did you think? Ben and Jerry's should have all the glory? This cake rocks. Use homemade cookie dough or let the Doughboy (Pillsbury) offer you a shortcut. This makes a creamy cheesecake with chunks of semi-firm dough throughout with the chunks that are on top, slightly set and cakey. This is easy, fast, and a slice of heaven.  

A cookie mix in a jar, with a recipe card attached. Nothing says lovin’ like something from the oven – this is the next best thing. A gift like this passes on the joy of baking …..well, it’s a start. Make a few of these at a time – same effort – a few gifts result.

Blockbuster sticks of crisp, buttery biscotti, fragrant with butter, vanilla, and graced with fresh orange flavor, and shot through with Swiss chocolate. There's a trick in this recipe btw - always mix the zest with the sugar in the recipe - that way the citrus flavors is imparted throughout.

This is a classic mandelbrot (similar to biscotti)
Take a typical biscotti batter, bake it in a bread loaf pan, chill, slice, re-bake and voilĂ : a new product. Slabs of crisp cookie-like biscotti with an interesting layer of chocolate and a pretty topping of cinnamon sugar.

  Simple can be good. Instant dessert or lunch box treats for gourmet This are de ultra quick, chocolate cookies for brown baggers. Remember to use the best chocolate you can find such as Scharffen Berger or Callebaut.

A swirl of chocolate cream cheese snakes its way through a buttery vanilla biscotti that's dotted with chunks of chocolate. The swirl stays slightly soft and creates a fudge-like surprise.

Lovely chocolate pillows, crinkled on top with slight ridges on the side. they are slightly crisp on the outside and lusciously brownie-like on the inside. You can finish these three ways: simply sugared (rolled before baking), sifted with confectioners' sugar, and glazed in milk chocolate (my favorite).

I make these in mini muffin tins. Once the brownies are cool, dip a couple in milk, white or melted semi-sweet chocolate or just drizzle them a bit with chocolate. Alternatively, toss them in either confectioners' sugar or cocoa.

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