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Cookies - Biscotti

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A classic New York cookie made better with real vanilla and pure butter (no shortening in these!). Real Black and White cookies, which I've had, are not quite as tasty as they look on screen. (Seinfeld episodes, or Sex in the City - both have characters munching on Black and White cookies). But the concept of a giant, buttery cookies, smeared half with vanilla and half with chocolate fondant, if made well, is riveting stuff. I love this cookie and sometimes make it half chocolate and half orange (flavor the fondant with orange oil or extract and a touch of orange food coloring). The size is what draws you; the taste is what keeps you in a New York frame of mind. This is a cake-like cookie; if you want my own revamped version, a big, buttery, crisper cookie - not quite shortbread, not quite a butter cookie but inbetween - try Very New York Black and White Cookies in the Complete Recipe Archives.

Crisp outside, dense and chewy inside. A cookie that is wonderfully wholesome but still delivers great cookieness. It's one of my own go-to oatmeal cookie recipes.

There are many recipes for classic shortbread. This is my favorite and happily, it is the simplest. Variations are always an option (adding extracts or chocolate chips, etc.). These were tested with cornstarch, rice flour and confectioners’ sugar as well as various methods. In the end, granulated sugar  (versus confectioners' sugar) was my preference.

Great for baking with kids

Make this once - and you will become a legend. This is baked in a loaf pan and looks like a quick bread. cut it thin and bake a second time to crisp the slices.  The result is thin 'slabs' of biscotti that are unique, pretty, and oh-so-munchable.Use any small "holiday" orange (mandarins, tangerines) to make this delightful, sweet and tart citrus bite. This is a perfect home baked gift. Pack it with a small crate of tangerines and attach the recipe.

These sugar cookies are perfect for holiday decorating or any time
This is like Club Med in a cookie. The citrus oils are from Boyajian but you can substitute citrus extracts.
A great bite
Much better at home

A puffy chocolate cookie is studded with chunks of Cookies and Cream chocolate bars and drizzled with more white chocolate after baking. Sour cream, as well as a touch of cream cheese, star in this rich chocolate cookie.

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