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Cookies - Biscotti

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A puffy chocolate cookie is studded with chunks of Cookies and Cream chocolate bars and drizzled with more white chocolate after baking. Sour cream, as well as a touch of cream cheese, star in this rich chocolate cookie.

Sounds unusual, but they're good

Are you an old cowhand or a trailblazer in a petticoat?  This is a hefty, chunky cookie, just perfect for the trail West, filled with good things, and kissed with maple syrup and a Laura Ingalls Wilder sensibility. Also called Kitchen Sink Cookies, who didn't grow up with at least one version of Cowboy Cookies? These are primed for the lunch bag or perfect for that 3 pm lull in energy. It has oatmeal and rice crispies and good fats from the pecans - geez - it's almost a salad.

This is a clementine infused biscotti, dotted with fresh cranberries. Once baked and cut into sticks, it is then dipped in fresh orange juice and then pressed in fine sugar, and then baked once again. The result is a red-hued sweet side of an otherwise crunchy treat. A lovely, seasonal biscotti that is easy as pie and pretty as a picture. You can add sliced almonds to it but frankly, it does not need it. I use florist's cellophane paper (it is thicker and better) to wrap up a few of these biscotti's together, tie with a bow and place in a gift bag.

Fresh, scarlet cranberries, perfectly tart and flavourful, dot this sweet , oranged accented biscotti dough. A special technique 'sugars' these special big, bold slabs of holiday biscotti just so.

These are simply beautiful cookies –they roll like a dream, they bake up tender/crisp and they are the perfect cookie to showcase Nielsen Massey’s new, pure extracts (check with for where and how to order). The bouquet of extracts, along with the pure butter taste, makes a slightly more upscale than average sugar cookies. Make these tiny, if you like, and dust with cinnamon or ground nuts.


These resemble miniature Danish but munch like a cookie.
These are a work of art. A rich-but-no-knead yeast dough such as Marcy Goldman Rich Sour Cream Yeast Rugulah Dough, a sticky, gooey bottom and a luscious cream cheese glaze. Thereís a lot going on here, and itís all delicious.

Deep fudge, chewy brownies, with ribbons of fresh creme brulee all through them. This is caramel and chocolate decadence at its finest hour.

Crisp and delicate
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