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Fillings - Jams - Glazes

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For strudel or whatever you please

Apples and spice – what a winning combination for a refreshing new hamantashen variety. You can use canned apple pie filling (just make the apple pieces smaller by dicing finer –messy but important) or your own apple filling with the recipe here.  Either approach will give you orchard-fresh hamantashen in that cinnamon spice and apple flavour everyone loves.

I only make these squares using Californian apricots (Bella Viva Orchards is my source of supply. But you can also use dried mango, which I get from Costco. Nothing beats the sweet but tangy filling of apricot (or mango) in these luscious, easy squares. These have a bit of oatmeal in them but you can also try my recipe for Apricot Squares that are shortbread based.

The Queen of The Bogs is not to be denied. This is sumptuous: tart, sweet, interesting, addictive - the absolute best cranberry sauce ANYONE can make.

A great combination.The addition of cranberries brings standard blueberry jam to new heights. The result is a deep scarlet preserve, loaded with flavor, featuring just enough blueberries to satisfy the blueberry lover and enough tart, red cranberries to make it special.

If you have not made apple sauce lately, now is the time - actually anytime is old-fashioned apple sauce time. This one features a e aroma alone is worth ten yoga lessons for the sense of well-being it len'blush', courtesy some garden rhubarb and a few cranberries and/or raspberries. It's luscious and pretty in pink - a wonderful side for latkes or ice-cream.
The apple skins, left on, also help produce that gorgeous blush.

This is one of my most prized recipes. It’s easy, make-ahead, makes a nice amount (if you have a big gift list), and makes great use of those seasonal holiday boxes of clementines. It’s a wonderful tart but a not-bitter marmalade. Tuck it in a basket with some English muffins for a cosy winter gift. Thin cut clementines is imperative for this preserve – a mandolin works best. Boyajian Pure Orange or Pure Clementine oil boosts the flavor over the top.

Dried strawberries are the dried sour cherries of the new milennieum. Once hard to find, I got a package at Costco and most recently, at a Middle Eastern food store nearby. This makes a sunrise colored filling, mellow with apricots and perked up with a ton of beautiful dried strawberries. I often add dried mango to this filling if I have some on hand.

You can buy it ready-made, but dulce de leche, a Latin version of pure caramel, is easy to make at home. All you need is a can or two of condensed milk. This makes a double batch but it seems to last refrigerated, for quite a while and is on hand for recipes or just warming, and drizzling over ice-cream.

This features sumptuous, silky smooth homemade vanilla ice-cream with vanilla bean bits throughout and a swirl of homemade dulce de leche, miniature marshmallows and toasted pecans. Ok - you can just make the ice cream or stop at ice-cream with dulce. It's over the top luscious to begin with. I sometimes cheat with this recipe, purchasing ice-cream base (at local food service supply stores), and just dump in the vanilla ice-cream base into my Cuisinart ice-cream maker. You then drop dollops of  dulce de leche just as the ice-cream begins to set up. Freeze, and serve once the ice-cream is fully hardened. This is gorgeous, easy, and better than anything you can purchase. Save some extra dulce de leche, warmed up, to drizzle with toasted buttered pecans over the final offering. (Make the dulce a day ahead – it is just easier to have it ready). This is Haagen Daz/Ben and Jerry rich, ice-cream.

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