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Fillings - Jams - Glazes

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My recipe for Bakery Style Hamantashen, adapted by Claire Berman of – a wonderful resource for gluten-free recipes anyone would love. Claire uses margarine in her version of my hamantashen. I prefer canola oil or unsalted butter (or a mixture of both). I guess you would say this is my recipe, adapted by Claire and re-adapted by me. Remember that although this is gluten-free, the flours used are not the most nutritious. For more on gluten-free baking, you can visit or where you will find both gluten free baked products or some more inspired gluten-free flour mixes.

This all-purpose glaze adds a golden glow to most pastries and also acts as a "glue" for sealing.
For any pastry calling for poppy seed or "mun" filling
Such flavor from a speck
The hearty flavor or walnuts in a deilghtful filling

This delight puts commercial plum jam to shame - speaking of which, it's hard enough to even find commercial plum jam!

This is a typical mixture that professional bakers use to get that characteristic sheen on their rye loaves.

Oven bake this incredible gourmet cranberry sauce. The oven deep bakes the flavor so the fruits meld just so, and no mixing and pot-watching for you. Just layer, bake, one stir and serve. So good –you’ll have to roast a turkey as an excuse to devour all the sauce. Recipe doubles well. As one of our testers pointed out, you can chuck this in the oven with the turkey to save burner space. Same tester (hey Jan in Vermont!) said and we quote "Hate to change the tried and true traditional things of Thanksgiving but change Is good and this cranberry sauce recipe is so, so good!".

Commercial filling is fine, but this homemade version is much more flavorful and appealingly tart and sweet. Even people who eschew prunes seem to like this filling. A touch of lemon and orange juice, some raisins and a kiss of cinnamon make this delectable.

These are wonderful, tart and refreshing. I sometimes make them with a cheesecake filling smeared on first, then top with some of the Lemon Lime Curd for a ‘lemon cream pie’ hamantashen. Totally unorthodox but delicious. Cheesecake filling (if you are going all out) is over at Cherry Cheesecake Hamantashen This Microwave Lemon Curd is easy but takes awhile. Still, for whatever reason, I find it easier than stove-top lemon curd. (Storebought is an option but it tastes horrid compared to homemade)

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