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Fillings - Jams - Glazes

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This is what happens when new age meets Old Testament – a paradise flavoured filling. This is sublime. I use iced Green Tea in the can but orange juice is also fine. Try and find California dried apricots –they make a huge difference in this filling.

Refreshing Meyer Lemon curd is the perfect filling in these traditional pastries, the tang of the citrus is lovely against the buttery hamantashen. Use regular lemon juice (or a combo) and a touch of Boyajian pure lemon oil for a sublime hamantashen.

My new favorite filling. Around here, Costco is selling bags of mixed dried fruits including sour cherries, sweet cherries, dried raspberries, cranberries and blueberries, conveniently in one mix. This recipe uses a mixed, dried fruit base for the most meadowy, freshest hamantashen around.

For decorating hot cross buns and other treats.

My favourite hamantashen filling of all time - apricot! But I make my apricot filling positively sing with flavor. I use a combination of both California dried apricots (go to for the world's finest dried fruit but if you can, opt for dried California apricots) and Turkish apricot leather or paste (it comes in sheets at Middle Eastern Stores) makes the best filling possible. It is tart and sweet and pretty as a sunrise. This is what the apricot leather or paste looks like: My other secret in this recipe is using Boyajian orange oil (

Food processor, coffee grinder, blender

A jam the color of a summer sunrise.....or sunset. Sweet, just barely tangy and a pure symphony of a preserve made with the perfect balance of strawberries, apricots, rhubarb, and a ground up orange. My best jam, my favorite recipe. Old-fashioned, real, pure, and still good since I first conjured it up.

A flavorful sweet molded cheese spread, traditionally offered with slices of Russian Easter bread. Raw yolks go into this and considering eggs are pasteurized and the mix is refrigerated, it is not a worry. That said, I use 2 tablespoons Byrd’s custard powder instead of the yolks myself, to thicken the spread but not worry about raw egg yolks. Up to you.

Zesty and not too sweet.

This is tangy and tropical. You could add finely minced toasted macadamia nuts if you like.

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