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Master Dough Recipes

View Our Alphabetical Recipe Index for Master Dough Recipes
Find a recipe via our alphabetical recipe index or you can also search using our Search bar for recipes by title or by type (in general Categories, muffins, breads, etc.)

The simplicity of this traditional recipe will surprise you.Make this by creaming or, if you have a large food processor, by cutting the butter into the flour. It makes a tender dough you do not have to fiddle or otherwise futz with and yields a tender, pastry-like strudel - touch cakey/touch pastry -totally buttery/delicious. Make it up to 2-3 days ahead.

A lovely all-purpose dough that is perfect for European style squares or as delicate cookies. Add a teaspoon of pure vanilla if using this as a tea cookie dough.

A layered gourmet brownie mix is the next best thing to home-baking. Doll a jar of this mix in a pretty rattan basket, along with a new brownie baking pan for a complete gift. Just use a great quality pure cocoa.

A cookie mix in a jar, with a recipe card attached. Nothing says loving like something from the oven and a gift like this passes on the joy of baking.

One dough : a thousand pastries (or pastry possibilities). Use this 1,2,3, quick dough to make miniature schecknen, rugulah, coffeecake, kolache, you name it. Let it rise a bit -you have Danish; don't let it rise - you have crisp, buttery pastry. A wunderkind dough. Btw, my trick with rugulah is to use sugar (coarse or regular) on top, before baking. It gives the pastries a lovely professional look.

'Nuff said.

This flavorful and nutritious bun is perfect with vegetarian or regular beef or turkey burgers. It showcases the burger but it’s no slouch itself. Far more than a ‘holder’ for other food, this bun can stand on its own.

A sweet-dough crust used in European tarts and wonderful as a crust for an American style cheesecake. A slight amount of baking powder makes this rise just a tad, for a pastry shell that is light as well as delicate and buttery.

This puffy version of hamantaschen resembles a Danish. A sponge starter provides a leavening boost and extends shelf life.
Is there anything more beguiling than purity of heart? Perhaps purity of crumb. This feathery white bread is grandma-style wonderful. This is grilled cheese, bread and butter, and toastest with the mostest bread. Fresh yeast makes this wonderful but dry yeast is fine. After glazing, you could opt to top this with some poppy seeds. I make this in a  giant round, free form loaf (but you can use loaf pans too). It is dusted with flour before it goes into the oven. This is so spectacular that you will have one bite and forget you ever thought sourdough breads were the last word on baking with yeast. This is that good.  Malt powder (non diasatic) is available in health food stores or via King Arthur Baker's catalogue or your local bagel shop (which is where  get my malt powder).
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