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Lilac Perfumes

It is a personal mission to find pure Lilac perfume. As it takes a lot of lilacs to make pure lilac perfume, you usually find synthetic lilac or a touch of lilac essence blended into other perfumes. The Body Shop used to make a rather nice lilac oil and Caswell Massey has a signature Lilac scent but none comes closer, and is more pure than Highland Lilac from a unique apothecary and gift store, Parkleigh of Rochester, New York. Among a range of specialty products in cosmetics (they carry the full range of The Thyme products and Diptyque candles among other items), Parkleigh is renown for its Lilac perfume. Bushels and bushels of fresh lilacs, grown in the area, are pressed into this perfume, which does smell as though you have bathed in a lilac bower.  Five varieties of lilacs are used to make this scent and it is gorgeous. (and so is the gift box). This is for lilac lovers or a special gift for someone who enjoys single floral scents. Parkleigh is the a supplier or try

This is a beautiful, all natural, lilac perfume.


Parkleigh of Rochester, New York

Stacked Style scented perfume oils made the A list whenever their products appear in Style magazine. A packet box of Scentarettes, houses their signature oils – fresh and floral scents you can wear as perfumes. body oil, or moisturizing oil. Try Prelude Magnolia, jasmine, rose, apricot and wild strawberry), Sorbet (pear, green apple, honeydew, melon, peaches and white musk), Duet (fresh florals and citrus), or Memoir (a romantic mix of gardenia, tuberose, Casablanca, and lily).  These are just different from the pack of perfumes,  and wicked cool because they are affordable, subtle but feminine fragrances and are wonderfully portable. They are perfect for those who want something different, young, or fresh or for women wanting an option from 'perfume house' fragrances.

New scents include Harmony, Dew, Luau, and Blossom. The whole line has been adopted by the Hollywood set. Look out for their soy based candle lien too. From founder Linda Sirvican, order from

Soap of Cucumber, Cocoa, and Chocolate?

Some of us cannot get enough of foodie fragrances. For cooks who gotta carry the theme of favorite ingredients into companion bars of soap, try the line from

Aside from chunky, funky bars of all natural soaps, Melissa Guerra is the source for unique south-of-the border items from the kitchen.

Check it out at

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