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January 2018 A Note From Marcy


 Beautiful, Free Blueberry Mall Muffins to start off the year. Plus hot bread such as Commercial Style Challah and Free My Best French Country Bread, Raspberry Scuffins, Crumble Bars and more! It's all in the January 2018 issue of


Happy New Year Fellow Bakers and Friends,

The weather outside is frightful! With temperatures (at least in Montreal and on Mars), hovering at -20 Celsius (that minus five on a Fahrenheit thermometer), is the place to be. Hot biscuits, warm bread, simmering soup, chewy, oven-fresh cookies and flaky pies or whatever else you want to bake and enjoy are all here. Pick a recipe from this month’s collection or the Recipe Archives, fire up the range, scoff at the ice and frost outdoors and just do your thing. Winter is officially here and we bakers have our work cut out for us.

I’ve given this newsletter a lot of thought but fortunately for you, I’ve pared it down because 2017 was/is the lesson of the less-is-more-year. I’ve tried to trim the fat on all things including food (and/or bad recipes), trivial errands, unpleasant folks, silly (or unsolvable) worries, and the sheer stuff of home, i.e. the minutia, both the physical and inner sort. I’m not one for clutter but nonetheless I do seem to magnetize far too much kitchen equipment, cowboy boots, tango shoes and writing journals. So I am carrying the less-is-more into 2018. Plus I am still grappling with the new website at which will soon me the permanent home of But no worries, until the transition is complete and all is smooth at the Ponderosa, I will maintain two websites. It’s exactly how I planned to spend my mid-life time: figuring out technical things that aren’t my strong suit when all I want to do is bake and write. But I am convinced the new site will be great fun and easier for all of us and a far prettier place to browse recipes as each new recipe I upload will have a photo. (The new newsletter format that was tested out last week will also resume very soon). If you are a paid subscriber and want to browse the new site, email me and I’ll get you set up on the new site. This month’s recipes are all on the new site (as well as the complete recipe archives).

I don’t know what your goals are for the New Year but I set themes or intentions. I’ve decided that 2018 will be my year of hard work (I am committed to publishing more books), magic and a belief in unlimited wonderful things. I’ve also intended my 2018 theme to be about grace. Grace in my case means to say and engage far less which should conserve much needed energy and keep my creative and emotional air space sacred. So I hope to tread a bit softer, be a bit quieter and hopefully leave a spray of light wherever I walk.

  A whole new year to bake and bread bread....................

I’ve also realized that since I began self-publishing in 2014 with my first indie book, When Bakers Cook, the whole publishing world pretty well went the same way. Moreover cookbooks might not be the way of younger foodies who dominate Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube. Food as a performance or entertainment art might be the new cookbook. In fact, it’s possible that cookbooks will disappear one day or you’ll end up (if the guys at Moderniste Cuisine have their way) reading books of that having formulae (versus a recipe) that result in French Onion Soup, i.e. just a listing of chemical compounds instead of ingredients.  That said, I am as much writer-author as I am a baker. So I very much hope to bring you one or not two big new cookbooks this year. When it comes to publishing, it would be an understatement to say: I'm all in.

As for the year that was in food, 2017 was :  the last gasps of avocado toast, and poached eggs over everything, chatchuka, brunch, spiralled everything, Portuguese Chicken (the recipe is in my cookbook When Bakers Cook), Bánh Mì or Vietnamese sandwiches, all things vegan and vegetarian, Poke Bowls, Paleo, Pickles and other ferments, sumac and smoky stuff, tacos, both fish and otherwise.  

I forecast 2018 will be still about fermented foods, delivered, prepared meals (Blue Apron, Fresh et al), Hawaiian flavors, Latin accents especially Peruvian, veggie burgers, exotic ice-cream presentations and flavors, exotic filled doughnuts and croissants, ancient grains, artisanal cheeses, organic everything, and a return to old-fashioned baking. I think we will see a lot of vintage baking (Bundts and pound cakes), heritage flavors and family heirloom style cooking as millennials come of age (we thought it would never happen) and might be seeking the same home comforts we all are. Appliance-wise, you can count on: outdoor pizza ovens, juicers, Instapot (I gave mine away), pressure cookers, crock pots, Le Creuset, Asian (vs. European) knives and I am calling a come back on the garlic crusher. I am also hoping 2018 sees a return (at least in Canada) of romaine lettuce. 

So on this first day of January in the debut of 2018,  I wish you what you wish for yourself: health, happiness, love and the beauty of baking and sharing.

Warm wishes and happy baking,

Marcy Goldman

Author, Master Baker

Blueberry Mall Muffins Free!!!  
What is more classic and reassuring in these hectic, changing times than a blueberry muffin.


Free!! My Best French Country Bread Over 68,200 downloads
Is this a good bread? No, it’s absolutely great. I made it myself the other day and was blown away by the sheer magic of this French bread for dummies recipes.

Cinnamon Bread
Love cinnamon buns and fondant? This recipe will have you hooked. Slice, toast and enjoy!

Raspberry Crumble Bars
Nothing beats a bar and a oat and shortbread base, along with a mix of tangy berries is a perfect match up.

 Sweet Potato, Kale and Black Bean Quinoa Burgers
We have to start off with something healthy!
This recipe has everything nutritionally great going on for it, including the natural goodness of plant-based fiber, replete with the perfect balance of herbs and seasonings. It makes a perfect meat-less burger that is still protein-rich and uniquely satisfying.

Commercial Style Challah

This was a favor for someone who loves bakery-bread (bought bread!). Still, it came out amazingly wonderful.

Free!!  My Best Butternut Squash Soup Free !!
Gotta keep warm!
If, as Dan Buettner, author of the famed Blue Zone way of life claims that "Food is the entrance ramp for better living’ then homemade soup has to be the door handle. Nothing nurtures, nourishes or fortifies like soup and this Butternut Squash has it all.

 Chocolate Streak Scones Chocolate Streak Scones
One of my favorite and most decadent scones.

 Raspberry Scuffins
When summer is far away, let fruity baking bring the sun to you. Just bake up some sunny magic. 

Marcy Goldman Cookbooks
I also take this time to remind you that my books are all for sale in print (except Holiday Cookies) and ebooks at Amazon, Chapters Indigo and orderable from your favorite independent bookstore. Remember you get 4 months free of BB with any book you purchase (just send me the electronic receipt). In the new year, any new cookbooks of mine will only come with ONE- one-month free of BB Recipe Archive access so if you want to get the 4-month deal, now is a good time to purchase any of these books. All my books are available in print or e-book except for Best Holiday Cookies which is an e-book only.

My cookbooks are available at Amazon, Kindle, Indigo, Barnes and Noble or via your favorite, local, independent bookstore (all they have to do is order it for you). The baking style in each book is quite different and each is jammed packed of baking advice I can't possibly share on the website so if you are considering a holiday gift, any of these books would be a treasure to give or receive.

Seven Great Cookbooks to Choose!









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