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June 2016 A Note from Marcy




Refreshing salad-in-a-jar, enjoy Free Persian Couscous Cucumber Salad, Free Classic Farm Style Snickerdoodles plus Japanese Cotton Cheesecake, best-ever Cherry Granola Bars, Multi-Grain Garlic Onion Hamburger Buns and more sublime recipes for June! Visit for the complete recipe collection.


Dear Bakers and Friends,

New BB Website almost done! For a sneak peak, check out

Welcome to the June 2016 Issue of This should be one of the last issues of BB you will receive via this format - I repeat: via this format – (i.e. I am not going anywhere). BB will be BB but in a gorgeous new website.

In the new few weeks, depending on how quickly I figure out how to navigate my new website, will look like this: and the newsletter will come from that new site.  It’s not quite finished (so please don’t sign on just yet) but it will be operational very soon.  It’s very exciting and I can't wait to welcome you all to BB's new home. This Original BB website will stay put so no worries. Those of you who are members of BB now will automatically be transferred over.

Because it’s June, I’ve included a great burger bun recipe for your Father’s Day celebration (or your regular summer BBQ). I’ve also added a trendy Mason Jar Salad and a host of other treats that feature some seasonal flair.  You’ll also notice I’ve continued to offer healthy foods (savory fare) and classic and/or contemporary baking. It’s how I’m eating these days and I suspect you are too.

And because it’s June, I, as well as you, might feel things ending (school) and beginning (vacation, new jobs, moves and more). I used to loathe that space between two shores (the shore of where I’ve been and the unknown shore of where, apparently, I’m going). These days, I’ve decided to let go and see what prevails. That said, most of the things I’ve let go of in my life have my claw marks still in them (not my quote but very apropos).

I don’t know about you but I tend to mark my life as acts of a play. I arbitrarily decide I am in the beginning of the first act or middle of a second act. It gives me a context and I like to know where I am. I tend also to prefer beginnings. To me, beginnings are just magical and they allow for countless false starts and errors. But marking one’s life in theatrical acts can be a rigid template, especially when I expect life to be a script I can follow. I even attach that template to relationships and expectations. (I cannot tell you how unsuccessful an approach that has been).  So I’m learning that life is one big improvisational performance, a giant ad lib on a floating stage. I don’t know how it will play out act by act, scene by scene. I might forget my lines, or my co-actors might not do their part or even show up. The scenery I envision of how things should look can become as ephemeral as a Brigadoon sunset. What to do?

 I'm now allowing things to play out (cringe) organically and pretending I'm patient. I am writing and baking far more and have rediscovered focus and flow. I’m no longer reaching outwards and outside myself and flinging myself at some distant goal. I am staying still, doing and being. I put the self-help books away, the vision board and manifestation lists. I am also walking more, running, swimming and yoga-ing and sitting and reading books all the way through. I took my email off every device but my desktop and I try not to be online on weekend. In short, I just keep my sights set on feeling good, moment by moment and however that gets defined. I am open to it all - at least, today, at this moment and with the so-very-recent appreciation that whatever served me before was due for an overhaul.

What act are you in? Are you (to quote Oprah), healing? In transition? Resting, reverberating, evolving or deliciously stuck and enjoying the stillness.  When you're stuck, it's like a traffic jam of the spirit. You might as well relax and accept it. Soon enough, the traffic will move again and you’ll be on your way…..somewhere else.

Warm wishes and happy baking - in whatever scene, of whatever play or season you're in!

Marcy Goldman
Author and Master Baker

June 2016 Recipes of the Month

Free !


Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic



What a great classic! No garlic to peel, few ingredients and French finesse and flavor in under 90 minutes.

Free!  Persian Couscous Cucumber Salad

The photo is just one example of what you can do with a Mason Jar and some fresh fixins’. One of my favorites is a jarred salad with Middle Eastern flavor notes. Quinoa, lemons, pickled turnip, sumac and chicken peas – delicious!

Free! Classic Farm Style Snickerdoodles

Classic Farm Style Snickerdoodles
Such a great, old-fashioned cookie. Light and crisp, just perfect for a summer’s day.
Take a couple with a thermos of green tea or Starbucks to your park, a copy of Shoe Dog (a runaway bestseller by the founder of Nike) and enjoy.

Jenna's Strawberry Chocolate Pie

A wonderful pie that is buttery, decadent and saved by the tart sweetness of fresh strawberries. Inspired by the movie Waitress which is  now a Broadway musical.

Japanese Cotton Cheesecake

Lovely, fluffy, smooth – a totally different cheesecake that just wants a bit of fresh fruit and Greek Yogurt and drizzle of honey to make it a wow of a dessert.

Cherry Cranberry Granola Bars 

Not your average granola bar. These are packed with just the things we love best and brightened up with scarlet sour dried cherries and cranberries and other good things.

Multi Grain Onion Poppy Seed Hamburger Buns

This flavorful and nutritious bun is perfect with vegetarian or regular beef or turkey burgers. It showcases the burger but it’s no slouch itself. Far more than a ‘holder’ for other food, this bun can stand on its own.


Classic Soft Pretzels




Boiled or baked, these old-fashioned soft pretzels are great at home and you can tune in the game (TV or stream) and cheer for who you like from the comfort of your sofa. Nothing beats a big, fat, soft, crusty pretzel and a dish of yellow mustard to dunk it in. Use coarse sea salt, coarse kosher salt or Himalayan Pink Salt or large grain fleur de sels. These can be baked or boiled or try some one way and some, the other. Offer in squares of wax paper for that street vendor/stadium feel.




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