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June 2017 A Note from Marcy


Dear All,

You are such a fabulous bunch. Truly. I don’t know why I didn’t ask you all ‘which cookbook’ sooner. You are so helpful.  You’re better than any agent I ever had and know what you want more than any publisher does. Nothing beats asking the company you keep!

The response to ‘which cookbook next’ was so overwhelming that initially I did start to respond to everyone individually but the overwhelming number of emails quickly saw an end to those noble intentions. My thanks for your warm responses and my apologies for this collective note.  I am not one prone to Yiddish hyperbole (which is sort of redundant; all Yiddish seems to be hyperbolic) but in short, I am, far-klempt with your outpouring.  The term far-klempt means to be overcome with emotion (I knew what it meant but I had to look up the phonetic spelling).

So many of you also took the time to add in some other words of encouragement which is so generous. I heard from old friends and quiet readers I never knew were there. I wish I was one of those authors who wrote solely for artistic reward and to keep the home fires burning but to be honest I am the sort of writer that thrives on the sound of at least two hands clapping.
So thank you so very much. It is a huge energetic lift to power me on my way and help me bring fresh new titles.

The Vote is In!

Tied for 1st Place:

Scones and A Treasury of Jewish Cooking (aka a Jewish cooking book)

2nd Place: Muffins

3rd Place: Bagels

4th Place: Coffeecakes 

5th Place: Cheesecakes (which wasn't on the table but someone mentioned it)

Other mentions were Gluten Free Paleo Blue Zone Passover (not kidding). sheet cakes and 9 by 13's (I like that idea too), Brunch, Pizza and Loaf Cakes.

The jury (or the crowd) has spoken and I have my marching orders. I was about to go ahead on Bagels but clearly the overwhelming majority of you expressed a passion for a Scones Cookbook next (I’m for that as well), then Muffins and concurrently, a Jewish Cooking Book.

So I am going ahead on Scones as well as a big, bouncy book on Jewish cooking as a companion to Jewish Holiday Baking. I will also be bringing out the Best Cookies Book in print by early Fall.

For those of you who love homemade bagels as much as I do – please be patient. And for those of you who wrote and told me they thought bagels were hard to make – trust me – they’re not. I promise you and one day, I’ll show you. But in the meanwhile, we’re going on a scone adventure (as well as Jewish cooking).

I must also say what I like about these little cookbooks is that it gives me a chance to create new recipes and really focus on thirteen blue-ribbon winners. Each one of the biscotti recipes in the upcoming Baker's Dozen Biscotti Book, for example, is a pearl.

So without further ado, I wish you a great week ahead and I’m off to get eggs, flour and sugar and create some very special scone recipes for this by-request new cookbook.

Thanks again,

Warm wishes,

Marcy Goldman
Author, Master Baker














Dear All,

  Some of you will get this message twice and someone of you, for the first time (power failure mid-task).
At any rate, here's the correct free biscotti recipe links

"The Secret" Caramel Chocolate Chip Biscotti 

Nutella Biscotti

Which book next?




A Jewish Cooking Book?

I hope you’re enjoying your early summer wherever you are.

As you know, all my books in digital form are on sale until the end of June for $4.99 each. That’s great value and makes a perfect gift since you can purchase and send it to anyone’s device (smart phone or IPad). The books are all on Kindle (which has an app I use so I can read my own books on my IPad). But after June 30th, prices go back to regular price.

I am also continuing my work on The Baker’s Dozen series. The next book in the series is almost done. It’s Best Biscotti and will be in print as well as digital.

The third book? I was thinking Bagels since nothing beats homemade bagels and that's a pet project of mine: I love bagels.  But I am open to your suggestions. I was also leaning towards Scones or Muffins as the next book. What are your thoughts?

(Runner up: 9 by 13 inch pan cakes or coffee cakes)

I am also thinking ahead to creating a companion book to Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking with a cooking treatise, i.e. A Treasury of Jewish Cooking. This cookbook (cooking versus baking) will have all my own favorite original recipes from deli-style knishes to chicken, briskets, soups, brunch classics, and more.  A Passover chapter or book will probably be separate. Again – I welcome your thoughts? Would such a book (sort of a 100 Best Jewish Cooking recipes) be of interest?

Happy to hear your input since you’re who I am writing for!

In the meanwhile, here are two amazing recipes that just got cut from the Biscotti Book (no room!). Enjoy, and also a most Happy Father’s Day to you and yours.

FREE!! "The Secret" Caramel Chocolate Chip Biscotti

FREE!! "The Secret" Caramel Chocolate Chip Biscotti

Marcy Goldman
Author, Master Baker
est. 1997





  Summertime and you want your baking simple and simply delicious. Sugar-topped Blueberries and Cream Muffins does the trick. Or you can try a batch of Rocky Road Biscotti to munch on while you're Tweeting. All this and more recipes in the June 2017 Issue of

Dear All,

You’d think summer weather would be a cue to cool down the baking and put the kitchen in slow mo. But every day I see something new to bake or cook. Spring-going-into summer generally puts me into a lower gear (I am not one too fond of the heat) but lately, I seem to have a surfeit of energy (it’s all the hot yoga classes).  I am characteristically a victim of impulse and sudden appetites and clearly, as I grow up, that’s not abating. All I have to is glance at the baking boards on Pinterest and I want to revisit old favorites like Tollhouse and Oatmeal Cookies but with a twist. I happen to see a new food magazine and now I want to make Hollandaise and Avocado Toast on Sourdough Bread. A Saturday market parked down the street has me craving free range, organic chicken eggs and the vegetarian book club makes me want to try cashew cheesecake. Maybe I’ll finally make that spoon bread I’ve never once made, or real corn tortillas (anyone else following the Blue Zone dietary suggestions?).

You see this is what happens when you don’t have a regular day job. You run amuck; you’re happily untethered. The good part is it lets your imagination run wild; the down side is that it makes for chaos in the kitchen. I have a freezer full of doughs (some of which I’ve taken the time to label otherwise it’s anyone’s guess whether those Ziploc bags are pate sucre or rugulah dough), streusel toppings, bits of dulce de leche, half packets of filo, some mongrel containers of mashed bananas and a sourdough starter at the ready. I almost miss the days when the only thing I could bake was Eggs in a Hole and 1,2,3,4 Cake (which has to be the heaviest butter cake on the planet).

I keep promising myself that I will focus on just one thing but the bigger my repertoire the more exalted my reach. The days of summer are longer, that’s true but not long enough to bake it all.  So I compromise: I make a few new things, perfect some classics and once in a while treat myself to things I simply just happen to love: like a mellow, rustic  Honey Bran Challah or the Blueberry Cornbread that graces this month’s cover.

I know June means some of you are baking for convocations and graduations, Father’s Day, summer weddings, summer birthdays and the arrival of new babies. Some of you, like me, are simply baking for the sheer pleasure of it. Family and friends are the beneficiaries of our craft and passion.  So get out the flour, crank up the range and put on that apron and join me on another baking journey., now in its 20th year, has surfed over the days of Atkins, Paleo, gluten-free, bad carbs and wicked sugar and now? For a short time, I think it is indeed safe to come out and bake something for the undisputed joy of it. It’s June – school’s out! Camp Baking is off to a great start!

On a fragrant note, I've been amassing gorgeous new perfumes to review. My review of Babe is a

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