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May 2017 A Note from Marcy



 Happy 20th Anniversary, 1997-2017.  Twenty blue-ribbon recipes to celebrate!  Freebie recipes, Kindle Countdown cookbooks and more! It's all at May 2017 A Note from Marcy

Hello Bakers and Friends,

It’s my favorite month in a very special year. Aside from my birthday, it’s also Mother’s Day, Montreal’s 375th birthday, and perhaps more significantly, it’s’s 20th anniversary!  It was two decades ago when BB launched and I was but a slip of a baker and the Internet was all new. 

Back in 1997, I was going through a divorce at the time and with that tumult along without much forethought or knowledge, I launched the website with a magazine-like concept.  A year later, I published my first cookbook. The years passed and there came some more cookbooks, the website grew, as did my three sons (now men) and I matured from a spunky baker to a more measured person, baker and writer.  Regrettably or happily, I’m just as passionate and always ready to fight the good fight but I am far less easily riled. Let's say I've become discerning about when and where to go into the fray. I'm more likely to keep my own counsel instead of using BB as a confessional platform and my emails, as everyone’s (I hope) have become more sedate. I always write with the thought my readers are close friends or kind acquaintances but I still, out of discretion and courtesy to my readers, leave my frothier writing for and leave the baking instead, on the table. I've also transitioned from traditional publishing and at first reluctantly and now passionately embraced indie publishing. True, I don't have an advance or a helpful editor, but I also don't have anymore gatekeepers telling me yea or nay on the ideas I want to make real (i.e. a new book) and bring to you.

Yes, what a difference twenty years make! I am also a better baker and still learning and happy to share. Just reinventing Blue Ribbon Carrot Cake is a good example.There's a way to make Carrot Cake circa 1975 new and I think I found it. You'll be astounded (unless you're not open to change).


Publishing BB, Rain or Shine
hroughout the past two decades, I was a single parent and as it does for all of us, life rained both its difficulties and joys down on me. Rain or shine, has been a constant in my life.  I’ve published my site once a month, no matter what else was going on the home front or professional one, which is to say 240 issues of have made it at least to someone’s mailbox.  There’s now over 2570 recipes in the data bank of BB (there's even more recipes in my cookbooks)  and each and every one was created and tested by me. Often times, I still go back and fix, correct, and improve existent recipes since I am always learning about better baking and want to share that with you. Nothing gets stale at! 

thoughts, words and recipes have gone from my keyboard into the ethers where it’s germinated. It’s my hope I’ve taught somehow they are talented bakers (they just needed some advice or a good recipe) and connected our common human spirit via food to the heart itself. At the very least, those 240 BB issues are my own culinary-cum-personal journal of where I’ve been and the company I keep. So I thank both new and long-time readers for your company and tolerating the many moods and styles of my writing and baking. All writers, all authors wonder who’s reading them but writers are obliged to write on faith, with or without a listener or witness. If you’re a writer you’re honor bound to do it and try to tell the truth in each and every word. Ditto for great recipes. But almost more important to me, twenty years of hosting this site through thick or thin proves to me how resilient we all are. and you (and being a mother) has taught me to show up over and over again and shown me that I can no matter what the weather. You have to, to quote the movie Tumbledown (on Netflix), ‘You have to respect the place where you’ve earned your seasons’.

When I look back at in any previous year, (1997, 2002, 2009 etc.)) I am astounded by what I wrote about. Certainly, my love of my sons and our life in those early days dominated so many BB Notes from Marcy. But also what was cutting edge in food 1997 is now forgotten or old hat. I barely recognize in those days unless I look closely. When I do, I can actually remembering writing those articles and inventing those recipes (You Tube Apple Cake, Low Fat Quick Breads - really? What was I thinking of?). I survived low carbs, low fat, complex carbs, Paleo, and the harshest challenge: gluten free (which is still upon us and no judgement, but it’s not something I can adopt across the board unless one day, I have to). Like many of you, I’ve also been on at least three diets a year and only recently, have opted to ELNP (Eat Like a Normal Person) and am in food or diet recovery (more on that at another time and date).

Of course, there’s nothing like 20-year landmark to make you nostalgic which is also what made me stroll down memory lane insofar as scents go. I even ordered a 1 mL decant of Oh De London just to inhale a memory of being 13 years old; I also explored the scents my mom wore (Femme perhaps?) and dug out a bottle of Love’s Baby Soft which I still love.

Past + Present = New Version of Us
thing is old scents while sometimes being majestic concoctions, no longer fit our present-day tastes. We no sooner want to wear Arpege or Charlie (although I would) than we want to make Floating Island, Baked Alaska, or Impossible Lemon Pie. Although, some scents, some recipes do make a triumphant return: bread pudding, rice pudding, meatless Walnut Lentil Loaf and timeless oatmeal and Tollhouse Cookies are classics (as are Chanel 5 and Coco; Arden’s Blue Grass and Green Tea and Lauder’s Youth Dew or Linen).

Tinkering around in my perfume cabinet of old and new scents in my relatively new abode I began to see the past in a different way. To my new home, of course I brought my favorite old things, especially in décor. T

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