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Dear All,

I trust this is not too late for those of you still baking or wanting a round challah for tomorrow or next week. I noticed many videos for creating a round challah seem to me, unnecessarily complicated. This is my shortcut way to a Rosh Hashanah round challah. Enjoy and happy New Year! Just use the link here to see the video on YouTube or click on the challah photo

And  here's the recipe : Easy New Year's Round Challah

Marcy Goldman
Master Baker, Author
est. 1997

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Dear Bakers and Friends,

The end of summer and very beginning of fall, as marked by this Labor Day Weekend, is a very special time of year.  The next three days are just the beginning of one of the most incredible seasonal passages on the calendar. The air may be as warm as a July day but somehow it still smells like autumn. Breathe in the perfume of a million apples and the golden flow of new honey spilling out of a hives just waiting to be gathered.  September is also a beginning, whether you’re celebrating Rosh Hashanah or  starting a new cycle of life. Fall is back-to-school or back to work, new jobs, new colleges or a new neighbour but routines begin again. Our baking spirits also take note: something shifts and it’s marked by sugar and spice and sheer anticipation of the glory baking days ahead.

Anyone in food, let alone baking, is smitten by fall. It’s harvest time and that alone is enough to create a buzz. But recently, my colleague Dianne Jacob of Will Write for Food blog brought up the point about relevancy of food, considering what else is going on in our world. She was challenged by colleagues who feel, with some justification, that to write about food is almost trivial given there’s violence, poverty, starvation, war, and yes, hurricanes and floods. Do we need a better honey cake when Houston and its, our citizens, are under siege? Is ‘food’ relevant or can it be phony? 

Well it depends on what you mean by ‘food’. Am I keen about reality food shows? Not so much.  I also am not keen about recipes that call for the juice of twelve pomegranate or six bottles of apple cider to marinate a chicken.  I don’t like ostentation or waste nor do I hold with creating recipes that are exclusive or elitist in some fashion. Do I need a twenty-five recipes shots when three will do?
Indeed, there are parts of my profession that don't make sense to me. I do however, love exploring the world through my palate.
I do love creating recipes which to me are culinary haiku. A recipe is a blueprint; a recipe is a way of preserving culture; a recipe is also a language we can all speak.

Food is relevant on many levels: knowing what you eat is safe and nutritious? Yes, that counts. Getting people fed and that no one anywhere, ever goes hungry? That’s primordial. What about sharing our cultures and cross pollinating with recipes and love?  What about volunteering in food shelters or giving to food banks. What about fair hiring in the professional kitchen so that anyone, from anywhere who can wield a knife or roll a wood pin, anyone of any gender are able to get jobs in food?  Or how about breaking a long tradition and uplifting the restaurant kitchen and treating fellow chefs (thank you Cronut creator Dominque Ansel) with dignity and respect in the kitchen? What about making sure school kids come to fill their heads with education but first enduring they have tummies of hot, good food in them first? What about getting those school bake sales safe and peanut free. What about teaching people skills to cook and bake so they have a profession or can feed themselves well? How about celebrating farmers and food producers on all levels and letting them know without them we’d be gnawing on bark and gathering berries. The inspired food of world-class chefs? Well, that is transcendent and becomes art and to me all art lifts up the human spirit. What could be more relevant than that?

In short, good cooking, sustains us body and soul. To communicate about via words and pictures is not trivial. Food, done right, is also a conversation and global language. We get hunger, we get repletion and we certainly get peace at the table through breaking bread.

Yes, there are times, maybe especially lately, where talking about ‘fancy food’ or better challah recipes seems trivial. But we live on many levels all at the same time. Plus, with most cultures, but particular Jewish food, food and recipes have symbolism build in. A round sweet challah at this time of year is about the continuum of life, an endless spiral. Apples and honey remind us of sweetness. This is a time where the food at the table is about waking up from our slumber wherein we’re not in touch or lost awareness. The honey also reminds us to forgive and focus on the good. Relevant? Yes, I think so.

Also relevant is Houston, Texas. It’s on my mind as it is for all of us. Bombarded with the images of what is happening there with what is happening here is hard to fuse together.  There are many charitable channels we can use to help out and I sure you, as I have. But I also thought: what about baking extra honey cakes this year, ‘selling’ them to family, friends, teachers, your yoga studio and sending those funds to Houston? Like my Bake It Forward Hamantashen movement that was so successful last March, why not Honey Cakes for Houston? Just a thought. My best honey cake is free in this issue. Just bake up an extra cake and bake it forward…for Houston. Make food relevant, your way.

Happy New Year and a warm, beautiful September to everyone,


Marcy Goldman
Master Baker, Author|
Est. 1997

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