January 2018 A Note From Marcy

20 years and counting! We moved!

Welcome to the Note from Marcy page. If you're here you should be there, i.e. in the new home of Betterbaking.com. After twenty years, we are delighted to be in our new website abode at MarcyGoldman.com. So please visit there and register for the Free Newsletter and Free Monthly recipe. You can also still access the Complete Recipe Archives here (or until further notice).

Dear Bakers and Friends,

Please visit the new home of Betterbaking.com at www.MarcyGoldman.com. That's where you'll find the newsletters (circa January 2018 and onward) and the new Complete Recipe Archives (which has over 2500 recipes and all the new ones being created).

For houseware and lifestyle companies, collaborators, publishers and editors, you can also access my media kit via


Warm wishes and happy baking,

Marcy Goldman

Author, Master Baker



Marcy Goldman Cookbooks
I also take this time to remind you that my books are all for sale in print (except Holiday Cookies) and ebooks at Amazon, Chapters Indigo and orderable from your favorite independent bookstore. Remember you get 4 months free of BB with any book you purchase (just send me the electronic receipt). In the new year, any new cookbooks of mine will only come with ONE- one-month free of BB Recipe Archive access so if you want to get the 4-month deal, now is a good time to purchase any of these books. All my books are available in print or e-book except for Best Holiday Cookies which is an e-book only.

My cookbooks are available at Amazon, Kindle, Indigo, Barnes and Noble or via your favorite, local, independent bookstore (all they have to do is order it for you). The baking style in each book is quite different and each is jammed packed of baking advice I can't possibly share on the website so if you are considering a holiday gift, any of these books would be a treasure to give or receive.

So many great cookbooks to choose!









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