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Fireworks Buffalo Girl Chicken Free Recipe!
Nothing beats Trappey's Red Devil Hot Sauce when you want flavor, zest and a certain salty, vinegary zip and a little heat. This is one hot sauce that works in everything (Buffalo Wings, Pizza, Scrambled Eggs) but doesn't scorch your palate. We buy it by the case to test recipes with and give out as gifts - it's that good!

BB's Favourite Spice Supplier!


In Seattle, there's also for fine spices

This is the place for Tim Horton Coffee, Smarties, Dare Oatmeal Cookies, Red River Cereal and much, much more. Canadian Bread Flour, Seasonings, Pie Fillings are just the beginning of the great selections of Canadian food products available from since 2000.   Canadian Favourites is also a recommended service provider by over a dozen major food manufacturers for international ordering.
Home of the best apple butter in the world.

Our Favorite Pretzels and low-fat snack from the Pretzel Pros from Snyder's.

Billed as the world's thinnest cookie, Salem Baking Company has been baking the most delicious, spice, butter, lemon Moravian cookies since 1930. They are all hand-rolled, use simple, pure ingredients and come in gorgeous, collector tins. Try their shortbread varieties (little tubes of shortbread morsels that melt in your mouth). their Cookie Crumbles (for streusel topping cakes and muffins with a Moravanian spin). Their cheese straws are addictive and their Pumpkin Spice Cookies are outstanding - grab a tin of those before they disappear! Oh, it helps that one satisfying cookie is only about 10 calories. Thinner than Pringles and as good as if they came out of your own oven.
What’s better than your favorite snack with a choice of incredible, mall-flavor spectrum of toppings? The folks Kernel Seasons are renown for their amazing popcorn toppers. Check out the flavors.
Malt Powder

Finally, a source for malt powder – real, soda fountain, malted milk powder!
What do people use it for? Real malted milks at home, dusting on oce-cream or using in candy making. But what do baker’s use malt for? Oh-let-me-count-the-ways! Malt in: bagels, bread, waffles, pancakes, cookies, and chocolate malt cakes. Malt is a secret ingredient that makes all those things sing with flavor and that special taste. Bagels wouldn’t be the same without it and it is a must in my own homemade pancake mix. For use in bagels, see Montreal Bagels

Order online or call their toll free number It’s not often we bakers turn to other bakers for our holiday treats but we are smitten with Tortuga Rum Cakes – baked fresh to order, daily in the Cayman Islands, Bahamas. These are the authentic rum-soaked, golden butter cakes of world renown but nothing beats this secret recipe from the oroginal Tortuga Cake Company.






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