Jenna's Strawberry Chocolate Pie from Waitress


Jenna's Chocolate Strawberry Pie

From the film Waitress, with Kerri Russell, written by Adrienne Shelley. Recipe by Marcy Goldman

Nobody in the world can make strawberry chocolate pie like you. Wednesday is my favorite day of the week just cause I get to have me a slice of it. I think about it as I’m waking up. It could solve all the problems of the world, that pie. It’s a thing of beauty….how each flavor opens itself, one by one, like a chapter in a book. First, the flavor of an exotic spice hits ya. Just a hint of it…and then you get flooded with the chocolate, dark and bittersweet like an old love affair…..and finally – strawberry – the way strawberry always was supposed to taste but never knew how to…

The pie itself?
Jenna’s Strawberry Chocolate Pie
A dark and velvety chocolate experience. In the movie, this pie used a chocolate cookie crumb crust which you can certainly also use but in this first testing, I went with a buttery, baked pastry pie crust. This is filled with luscious, dark and silky chocolate filling and topped with a double strawberry filling. It is a sparkling romantic pie of decadence and the fluttery of spring – all in one bite. You can make the elements a day ahead and the assemble a few hours before serving. It is one of the most outstanding pies I ever concocted and it makes your tongue tingle with just one bite. In a word, in one taste, it is wholly charming. As far as pie goes.....


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