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Itune Cuts and Kudos

Some Tunes you might never know about you really need to listen to.......
Under Construction

Itunes Bytes, CBC and ....

Don't forget - aside from music, you can also download free subscriptions podcasts in food or even Jane Austen, to meditation online and whatever else. Just go to the Itunes Store search box and type in whatever you are looking for. There is a richesse of free audio offerings. CBC, Canada's renown broadcasting corporation has recently revamped their Live Concert page and you can listen again, or sometimes download, the most exceptional, live recordings from rock to soul, to world beat, jazz - from big names of now to tomorrow's legends. 

What is rather neat about Itunes among other music offerings online (just go for the legal ones; keep artists alive and singing and making music please) is that you can call up a song title and hear 30-second samples of many versions of the same tune. All in all, it sounds like you are in a hallway of auditioning singers and musicians, all with the same material – trying out their unique takes. This in itself, is an exclusive (and free) Itunes experience (and all free). Some amazing cuts available by the tune include:

My Funny Valentine, version by Wyton Marsalis version/  Herbie Hancock version|
One of the most instrumentally satisfying, yet tenderest renditions of a ballad.

Girl Talk – stunning arrangement and rendition by Oliver Jones

If I Were A Bell – Phoenix Jazz Quartet

Here There and Everywhere – John Stevens, jazz piano

Eleanor Rigby, Jazz Piano, Steve Hulse

Blackbird, Jazz Piano, Steve Hulse

Shall We Dance – upbeat tango version from Gotan Project

Tango  - riveting, dramatic original by nuevo tango pianist, Lito Vitale

Robin Thick  - any/all tunes - Yes, it's sitcom star Alan Thick's son and yes, he can sing and yes, he sings soul, R&B so good - Oprah featured him.

IIndie Arie

Joss Stone

Jim Webb




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