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Homage to Astor Piazzolla
Catherine Wilson et al

I first heard a cut of this amazing CD with Katherine Wilson, Erica Beston, Amy Laing, Sharon Prater, Dave Young, Dave Campion and Philip Seguin on CBC radio. The cut was Oblivion and it was so Astor Piazzolla and yet so completely new and other-world, I pulled over (I was driving at the time), parked and listen. No - I 'inhaled' the music. It was the stuff that makes you feel struck -that is how poignant and acutely precise the music was. Then came the whole CD which has all your Astor P's favourite tango pieces, from Libertango, Milonga del Angel and Oblivion - It is a treat, it is an oasis- and a must-have tango cd for your collection of the tango cd to gift someone with for whom tango music is new.

This is truly a treasure of a cd that covers Broadway, jazz, pop and rock in stylings that make you pause and pull over (if you're in a car). Britton has a voice that is poignant and strong at the same time and a delivery that is so pure and suffused with intention, it truly captures you from the get go. Then there is the song selection - from Sesame Street to Annie Lennox and original material. (Helps that Britton is also a fan of BB's Red Velvet Cupcakes. Check out Red Velvet Cupcakes
Incredible voice, polished delivery with that old-fashioned 'it' factor of a true Broadway star. His Go the Distance is one of the best.


 www.Arcadefire.Com (now Grammy Winners for Album of the Year 2011!)

Arcade Fire is a neat, indie band I never would have heard of, nor realized has something to do with the music in Six Feet Under nor realized had performed with David Bowie had I not advertised on Craigslist to sell an old piano. The very first customer was Will Butler of Arcade Fire who described himself as ‘just a musician’ in an Indie band called Arcade Fire. Very self-effacing fellow. He enjoyed BB test kitchen honey and challah, as well as cookies while we waited for a piano tuner/mover to arrive. The rest is history. I am one-piano lighter, Will can attest to the fact I can indeed, bake, and you, BB visitors now know to check out this amazing group, Arcade Fire (check out their site and/buy their music at or Itunes). If you are not sure what an Indie band is, that is just an indication to run, not walk, to purchase Arcade Fire now as a gift for your kids or anyone under 30 or anyone who knows great music. What other baking site knows these things?
Check out

Got ballad? In an Indie vibe? Got Gavin Mikhail.
Remember the records where every cut was gold? This is one artist where every cut, on every CD is gold. Check out the 'I am not a rock star' star 

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