December 2007 Baker's Stash

Cayman Island Rum Cake

A note from Marcy Essay Only

Cayman Island Rum Cake and the Tortuga Story
Nutcracker Sweet Biscotti
BB's Original Carrot Cake Fruitcake (c) 
Paneforte Candied Fruitcake From Siena
Swiss Fudge Topped Decadent Eclairs 
Golden Almond Stollen 
Alphahores or Famous Tango Cookies
Old-Fashioned Mulled Apple Cider Tea 
Festive Holiday Cranberry Orange Spice Tea 
Cherries Under the Snow or White Chocolate Cherry Bark 
Gourmet Shop Panettone 
Belgian Waffles
Dulce de Leche Maple Sticky Cinnamon Buns 
The Best Vegetable Soup I Ever Made  
Greek Restaurant Vinaigrette