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November 2008 Baker's Stash


A Note from Marcy

Cranberry Bog Biscotti and Thanksgiving Recipe Promotions 


Dear Bakers and Baking Friends, Readers and Eaters

Welcome to the most bountiful November Issue of BetterBaking.Com. We begin with some voting day specialties of the house in the form of a hearty U.S. Senate Bean Soup and my two now-a-BB-tradition of party-pleasing Donkey Cookies and Elephant Ear Cookies. They are the perfect something to munch on while the polls report.
Due to demand, I am trying something new this month. In addition to some free recipes, and new things such as Cranberry Bog Biscotti and a Sweet Potato Caramel Marshmallow Streusel, I have created several select recipe packages. These are promotional collections of recipes, for the month of November, at an all-inclusive price of $1.99 . There is a full Thanksgiving Menu package of 9 Recipes, as well as a recipe trios and quartets of Thanksgiving desserts, one for Thanksgiving breads, a Cranberry Collection and an Apple Dessert Collection. For individual descriptions of the recipes, just go to the Search Box on the Complete Recipe Archive page and you can easily find the recipes solo (for $1.99) but offering a description of what each one is.
Our Special Recipe Promotion Packages :

BB Thanksgiving Complete Recipe Menu- 9 Recipes Only $1.99 
Everything you need for a complete Thanksgiving feast

Thanksgiving Cranberry Collection 3 Great Recipes only $1.99
Cranberry Cocktail Bundt Cake plus other treats from the bog

Thanksgiving Baby Breads Collection, 4 Recipes, Only $1.99
You gotta have fresh bread, biscuits and buns

Thanksgiving Sweet Finales Collection 4 Recipes Only $1.99
Some of my best finales in a pecan and brown sugar mode

Thanksgiving Apple Dessert Recipes. 3 Recipes Only $1.99
Homey or elegant, what's a feast without some stellar apple desserts

If you click on any of these links, you will see the recipes included in each collection.
For a limited time, you can enjoy some unique promotions of these four special recipe packets – all in one collections or my original recipes for one price of $1.99. For $1.99, the Thanksgiving Recipe Collection, or about a dime a recipe, you can enjoy an entire Thanksgiving menu of pedigree, tested recipes. Just print it out and head to the kitchen. If you need anything else, it might be beverages, guests and a bridge chair or two – otherwise it is all there.

Single recipes (such as the new showstoppers of Sweet Potato Pound Cake and a gourmet version of Clementine Cranberry Bog Biscotti) are still available for $1.99  or part of your subscription plan if you subscribe to the entire Recipe Archives.
This is an experiment in seeing what works and what our visitors might enjoy. It is also in deference to the Thanksgiving theme of plenty and a nod to the extraordinary economic times. Just remember these promotional recipe packets are only available for November 2008. Afterwards, they are retired to their usual $1.99 price if not otherwise put into a cookbook manuscript.
To see the recipe packets, other new recipe, as well as this month’s essay and other offerings, visit home page. There are also a few free recipes but here is one to start you off.
FREE!!!! Election Day Coffee Cake Election Day Coffee Cake
The earliest mention of this luscious, yeasted coffee cake is in Amelia Simmons American Cookery in 1796. These days, the ladies and gents who work the electoral offices are less likely to be serving, let alone, baking Election Cake but if current events and pending voting has you stressed, baking is just the ticket. This is an amalgamation of the best of Election Cake recipes re-created (by me) into one definitive cake that does not need a recount.

Warm wishes, happy post Halloween, happy voting, and a warm Thanksgiving, up the road ahead.
Marcy Goldman

BB Special Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Pecan Carmel Bourbon Pound Cake 

A moist, tall sweet potato cake, with a marvelous caramel streusel, and a warmed marshmallow glaze atop the pecan bourbon topping, which echoes the sweet potato and marshmallow casserole we serve with the turkey. This is an extravagant, holiday cake no one will forget which is what makes it an instant new tradition. Hint: the darker the sweet potatoes, the prettier the interior crumb and hue of this cake.

Senate Bean Soup !! FREE!!!  
A heart-warming soup. Senate Bean Soup is something the entire U.S. Congress has always agreed on and is purportedly served daily, in the Capital Building restaurant for over 100 years (perhaps like most great bean soups, they simply keep adding more water). My version uses a bit of liquid smoke in lieu of the ham hock, which is the traditional, rout and cubed potatoes (instead of mashed), so maybe this could be the start of some new discord. Cue You Tube. Wright’s Liquid Smoke is the one we use in the test kitchen.  Soak the beans overnight or in the morning and make the soup mid afternoon in time for supper. This is a non-partisan, crowd pleasing soup.
FREE!!!! Election Day Coffee Cake 
The earliest mention of this luscious, yeasted coffee cake is in Amelia Simmons American Cookery in 1796. These days, the ladies and gents who work the electoral offices are less likely to be serving, let alone, baking Election Cake but if current events and pending voting has you stressed, baking is just the ticket. This is an amalgamation of the best of Election Cake recipes re-created (by me) into one definitive cake that does not need a recount.
 Decadent French Mint Cookies BB's Original Donkey Cookies 
omething to bray about: the amazing fusion of mint and chocolate –it never fails to impress. These are decadent fudge cookies with crackly tops and a texture midway between cookie and brownie (think crisp edges and fudgy insides). Warm, out of the oven, they are anointed with a peppermint patty that sits a few minutes before being smeared so that you have a slight zebra or marbleized chocolate topping effect. Chilled, these are heavenly. Warm, they are sinful. If you like French Mint Bars, this is your cookie. If you don’t, then plant a Hershey kiss on top instead of a peppermint patty – a true ‘swing’ vote cookie. I don't know why these are so popular - But ever since the last U.S. election, their cookies stock continues to rise.
Fresh, scarlet cranberries, perfectly tart and flavourful, dot the sweet biscotti dough. A special technique sugars these special holiday biscotti just so.Great as a dessert or a special gift. Check out the mini-version as well, included in this recipe. The added touch of fresh orange zest is unbeatable.
Thanksgiving Special Sour Cream Cornbread 
Gilding the lily – sure, but why not? A little sweet milk for flavor, some sour cream for additional dairy fat (it’s not a dirty word, shame on you) and some buttermilk for the extra acid and rise it affords. Stone ground cornmeal is best – the rest is like yellow sawdust.
Biggest Best ver Sour Cream Coffee Cake  
This is a sumptuous, golden, moist sour cream coffeecake to beat the band. If you collect sour cream coffeecakes, you have to try this one.
Best Bets In Pie Pans FREE 
Some free advice on best pie pans just in time for Thanksgiving
Deep Dish Country Blueberry Pie 
A smidge of lemon, orange and small jolt of cranberries does much to heighten the flavor and colour of this wonderful classic country pie. A cut out window shows off its pretty filling. A restaurant supply store is the best bet to get an aluminum 10-inch pie pan for that diner look. Pyrex is also fine or make two smaller pies.
Pumpkin Silk Pie 
Condensed milk, versus the usual evaporated milk, makes a great and decadent pumpkin pie. It is also perfect for new pumpkin pie bakers who worry their pies won't set and/or people who prefer creamier pies.This recipe makes a silken textured, luxurious pumpkin pie.
Deluxe Pennsylvania Dutch Chocolate Shoofly Pie
There is a lot of debate over this American pie that has its roots in the Pennsylvania Dutch, Amish and Mennonite kitchens of America. We can agree that it is one old pie. Other than that: do you make it with a crumb topping or use a pastry pie shell? Add spice or not? Use molasses or a touch of corn syrup, smear on some chocolate syrup on top or add some chocolate chips to the filling? My version uses a pastry bottom, crumb topping, just a bit of spice, chocolate inside – all bound together in a sweet, gooey, pie symphony that is heartland amazing! Go to any Pennsylvania Dutch county fair and you are sure to come home with one of these, or the appetite to make your own.
Vermont Country Inn Pumpkin Cheesecake
Silky smooth and spun with pumpkin pie spices, this beauty is a crowd pleaser. Pumpkin Pie spices come in the spice section of your supermarket. But any combination of cinnamon, allspice, mace, nutmeg, and cloves (as per taste) will do. Or check out Pumpkin Eruption Cheesecake which is being retired soon.
Sticky Sweet Nutty Mega Pecan Pie Biscotti
I figured out that when it comes to nutty things, some people are plain nuts. 

Asiago, Cheddar Panchetta Cheese Scones 

A trendy, zesty spin in a hot, buttery scone that uses both Wisconsin Asiago and sharp cheddar, and a hefty shower of crisp panchetta for a smokey, extravagant scone that is a just about a meal - it is so satisfying in a gourmet bistro sort of way. You can substitute bacon for the panchetta or crisped turkey bacon.
Bake Camembert in Filo with Cranberry Chutney
Add a touch of fresh, tangy cranberry sauce to this appetizer classic. It just takes minutes to create a buttery bundle, filled with oozing, warm Camembert or Brie cheese, with a scarlet dash of cranberries.
Santropol Ratatouille Soup Montreal has a very special feel-good, environmental and community (both global and local) conscious restaurant called Santropol. Serve with hunks of cheese and sheared off chunks of fresh French bread. Santropol serves this in bowls or mugs, and not a one matches (no two mugs alike in the whole restaurant - absolutely charming -feels like home!)

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