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Super Bowl Snacks


BetterBaking.Com's Super Bowl Recipe Extra Snack Recipe Issue, Featuring Free Poutine (what?) & Free Buffalo Wings

Around here, we are hockey and baseball folks. But on Super Bowl Sunday, there seems to be a few front runners in our end zone. It's not for the sport or love of the game; they come for the snacks. Here's the menu we'll be serving. (And stay tuned for the Ground Hog Day/Valentine's Day Issue regular February Issue up ahead)

Authentic Buffalo Wings !! FREE!! Nothing beats the real thing.

Super Bowl Vegetable Dip in a Bread Bowl
This is brunch food, Saturday afternoon food, and Super Bowl football game watching food. If you-are-asked-to-bring something sort of stuff. Essentially, you are dumping a vegetable dip into a hollowed out rustic bread. The hollowed out bread bits are the ‘dippers’. Pretty as a picture and as quick as you please.
Double Fried Quebec Melted Cheese Gobs and BBQ Sauce Frites(Poutine) FREE!!
Discussions regarding the origins of Poutine as well as the dish's merits, logistics, rationale and what constitutes authenticity have been known to go on for hours. Regardless of how you feel about poutine, be advised: the recipe below makes for outstanding fries (i.e. you can just use the method to make the best French fries ever and not go ahead on the full treatment). This is a weird dish - no question about it. Yet, it is so appreciated in these parts that even the local McDonald's restaurants serve a version of it (somewhat whitewashed, but poutine nonetheless). It is the best fries ever, topped with special cheese curds that barely melt over the fries, and then a molten cloak of hot chicken or BBQ sauce follows. I diet for two months ahead before indulging in this treat.
Extra Zesty Buffalo Wings
Flavor over heat wins in this case. A tip of the hat to Trappey's Red Devil Hot Sauce here because to me, it is the perfect Buffalo Wing hot sauce (please don’t tell Frank). Make these in the oven or on the grill. Of course your favorite hot sauce can be substituted, but you will have to season to taste. Trappey's Red Devil offers a lot of flavor without too much heat (don't let the quantity frighten you).  Don't forget - all Buffalo Wings can be made in a very hot oven if you are not keen to fry the wings. 

Fireworks Buffalo Girl Chicken, a Marcy Goldman Trademark Original Recipe (c)
A zingy coating and a finish of Hot and Sweet Drizzle over these oversized, fried incredibly crisp, crunchy chicken tenders make them outstanding. And if they've run out of chicken wings, this is going to be your saving grace recipe. It rocks.

Double Garlic Twisty Cheesy Bread
A gourmet garlic experience. This is simply one of the zestiest, addictive breads you will ever make. People tear into this while it is still hot. Great with salad, spaghetti or on its own as a hearty snack. Both fresh and dry powdered garlic dust this Mediterranean ode to garlic. If you're really in a hurry, use prepared or frozen/defrosted white bread dough or pizza dough. I serve this with warm marinara sauce for dipping or melted goat cheese to smear on.
 Now Famous's Sweet and Sour Meatballs
Another secret ingredient recipe (but I know you have it in your pantry) is the tip here along with one or two other pantry ingredients. These meatballs are zesty and full of bite and are always eaten before the meal for which they are intended. Plan on making two batches.  If you don't have the sour salts or citric acid (the other secret ingredient), please don't worry about it. Leave it out and add a touch more of lemon juice. These are so good that 1990 people downloaded this recipe in 11 minutes last fall.
Hot, Sticky, Gooey, Addictive Asian Chicken Wings
You may already have a soy garlic wing recipe but this one breaks the mold. These must be marinated overnight or several hours ahead but make the best, deepest flavor Asian flavor styled wings on the planet.
Cowboy Chili Cornbread Lasagna
Take a cornbread base, add El Paso style taco filling, top with Monterey Jack and serve with a side of salsa, avocado slices, and sour cream and diced chilies. Whoa Nellie. This is best served in small hunks of chilli and cornbread base - on a gorgeous Santa Fe style ceramic plate or Fiesta ware, alongside a mixed green salad and ice-cold iced tea and lime wedges.
Best Ever Smokey Ribs with Sticky Cola Mop
This recipe is outstanding with either long, beef ribs or baby back ribs. You can oven roast these (using the liquid smoke in the ‘mop/glaze' or omit it, if you are grill finishing the ribs). Slow cooking makes these tender. After testing many approaches to perfect ribs (marinating, boiling, microwaving, brining, dry rub, broiling, baking - you name it!), I found the best approach and easiest preparation. It is results in better-than-a-restaurant ribs and a fraction of the cost. The dry rub is key (it tenderizes the ribs), the slow roasting, and final mop or glazing is what makes these special.

KFC Style Chicken
The Colonel would be proud…..and then perhaps….lawsuits?
Extra crispy chicken at home is possible especially if you have a deep fryer. Is this exactly KFC? Pretty darned close. All it's missing is the red and white cardboard bucket and sides. Offer mashed potatoes, corn, coleslaw, and macaroni salad and you have a weekend supper that beats the band and winter doldrums. But this is best in a deep fryer. It makes for incredibly crisp, crunchy, coated chicken that is perfectly browned – not burnt – due to the controlled heat. Do be careful with the lid and humidity. IF….you do not want to deep fry, use the alternate oven method (or use a wok to deep fry)
Diablo Pizza or Super Bowl Stuffed Pizza Loaf 
This is a hefty lunch time snack or midnight bite but perfect for the big game. Imagine a huge filled loaf, chock full of pizza stuffing and stuff, rolled up baked, and hot out of the oven. Even cold, this is dynamite. Did I mention it doesn't need cutlery? Is it meaty and spicy? You bet. But it doesn't quite compare with the New York Times recent bacon sausage thingie. That awesome roll of sausage rolled around bacon comes with a side of paramedics.
Italian Bakery Pizza 
Ever see those big, rectangular pizzas at your local Italian bakery or supermarket? The crust is breadier than most pizzas and the toppings are very simple - crushed plum tomatoes, herbs, and olive oil. No cheese. No pepperoni but you can embellish as you wish, of course.

Double Chocolate Chip Fudge Cookies
A crisp and chewy chocolate batter, bolstered up with chunks of white chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate chunks or chips. You can also dip these half in yet more melted white chocolate and dark chocolate on the other side. Serve semi-chilled.

Caramel Toffee Turtle Bar Cheesecake 
Toffee and Turtle bars come out to play in a cheesecake scrimmage. This is an ultra-smooth, caramel-laced cheesecake that takes just minutes to prepare. You can use any chocolate coffee toffee bar in this recipe. Heath Bars are fine and Skor Bars are excellent and Turtles are, well ...turtles (the pecan toffee ones, not the real ones). 

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