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October 2009 Baker's Stash




Multi Grain All-Purpose Baking Mix FREE!! Multi Grain flour Mix
A great all-purpose flour blend that is extra nutritious.
Perfect in an oatmeal cookie recipe.
Pumpkin Pie Spice Yeasted Donuts 
Inspired by Canada's beloved Tim Horton's. I really wanted to include this in my last cookbook but there was no room. These are totally fabulous in flavor, texture, sweetness and spice.  I could start my own donut franchise with these babes as the star attraction.
Sometimes you want things a little different and a bit lighter. This luscious, easy pumpkin pie is the one.
Prize Winning Pecan Crunch Pumpkin Pie 
Crunchy, spicy, buttery - sumblime holiday pie.
BB's Complete Thanksgiving Complete Recipe Menu
Fantastic value - for Canadian (and again in November) Thanksgiving.

Big Red Candy Mountain Candy Apples
Halloween treats - no tricks.
When you need something sweet, chewy, chocolaty and different
Apple Pie Doughnuts 
Apples and sweet dough - what could be better?

Greek Yogurt Apple Pancakes 
Fried dough with an orange honey glaze.
Peach Cheesecake Scones 
Summer is gone but peachy goodness remains.
(Almost Sara Lee) Freezer Case Cheesecake at Home
Everything you love in your favorite little cheesecake by lovingly made by you.
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