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November 2009 Note from Marcy



Dear Fellow Bakers and Friends,

Welcome to the Harvest Month, a time we give thanksgiving and take a pause for grace. It is also the occasion of great eats and baking and this issue is packed with goodies as well as the annual complete BB Thanksgiving Menu.

Thanks are also in order for the response I had concerning electronic cookbooks. The email was astonishing. Last month I asked you all what you thought of electronic versus print cookbooks. Surprisingly, 99% of you voted for books in print AND electronically. It was agreed – we all love print cookbooks for they are simply gorgeous to have and hold and read. But the convenience of having an extra electronic version of a cookbook for the kitchen or to tote around to the supermarket so you can check a recipe and get the ingredients for it could not be denied. The varied reasons people have for wanting an electronic cookbook were eye opening. These days, I am working with Sony Ereaders – seeing how perhaps BB could be offered through the Sony Store so you can have new issues of and the Complete Recipe Index in your hand wherever you go. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again for your many emails of support and interest on this subject.
www.Sony.Com is the place to go check out the Ereaders, there is one with easy controls and a newer touch screen one and yet another Sony that should be out this Christmas. There is also Kindle, Barnes and Noble has their own (I think it is called the Nook) and some others but so far, not only do I prefer the Sony in every way but Sony is the most responsive company. If you have an issue, whether you’re a consumer or author, they are in touch ASAP. That is so rare in this day and age and so necessary. It’s also good to know there are tons of free electronic books on line (I downloaded free Jane Austen at ) to start you off. Finally, if you want my recent new cookbooks electronically, please visit and send a note of request. That might speed things along! I think the new edition of Jewish Holiday Baking in an E-book edition would be a great gift, for a younger cook who might want all the Jewish baking (and cooking) classics handily on their reader (or I phone).

This issue is chock full of great recipes. There is also a super snacky Deep Fried Macaroni you have to make just once and a fabulous side dish of sweet potatoes that will upstage the turkey.

Check out my friend Rose Levy Beranbaum’s new book from Wiley, Rose’s Heavenly Cakes. The book is gorgeous and it was especially fun meeting up with the author, my baker friend Rose for three days of cookbook author coffee klatch. We were also hosted for a fabulous dinner, on behalf of our mutual book signing store, Bon Appetite Books in Westmount, Montreal
I also attended Rose’s demo at the bookstore but the best fun was breakfast with Rose and her and right-hand assistant Woody, at a Montreal bagel restaurant.  I picked the two up (actually rescued them from their cab who had lost his way) and we swapped cookbook war stories, talked shop, and ate our way through a platter of bagels. When cookbook authors get together, they catch up on years of accrued chat, stuffing in recipe talk, food trends, people we know in common, and which mixer we are currently using. The funny thing is we talked so much we barely noticed what we were eating!
With warm wishes, for this special month of cooler climes and warmer hearts and hearths,

Marcy Goldman
Author, Baker
 November 2009 Recipes

State Fair Fried Macaroni and Cheese
What's not to like? It's crisp, cheesy, and snacky and the next best thing to being at the State fair.

!! FREE !! Baked Old Fashioned Rice Pudding
So good we had to repeat it.

The BB Thanksgiving Menu Kit
It's all in the bag...
Parker House Rolls
New! Layered ‘N Baked Cranberry Sauce
Durkee Green Beans and French Fried Onions Casserole Durkee Green Beans and Onions Casserole

And for Dessert:

Classic Pumpkin Pie


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