Pilot Pens Interview and Famed Varsity Fountain Pens


An interview with Bob Silberstein, of Pilot Pen or Everything You Wanted to Know about Pilot (and pens) and never asked…..
Marcy Goldman © 2011
What are the main differences in inks between pen types (roller ball, liquid ink, gel, fountain pen?)
*Rolling Balls feature water-based liquid ink that provides very smooth, skip-free writing.
*Gel ink is also water-based and is a hybrid between rolling balls and ball points; it is similar to the rolling ball providing smooth and smear-proof writing, but is more water-resistant than the rolling ball.
*Ball Point is oil-based; the ink is more viscous/thicker than rolling ball or gel ink and also the most water-resistant; it does not write as smoothly as the gel or rolling ball.

What is trendiest Pilot pen and why? Vs. Best selling?
B2P (Bottle 2 Pen) which is made from 89% post-consumer recycled water bottles; it is retractable, refillable and uses the same gel ink as our best-selling G2 for smooth, effortless writing.  It is currently sold in black, blue and red, in dozen boxes, 1, 2 and 3 packs and an assorted 3 pack.
G2, which is America’s #1 selling Gel pen and the #1 pen in the U.S. for $ sales.

What is all time most classic or best selling?
G2 A Gel Pen and the #1 Pen in the USA

Precise V5 and V7 – rolling ball pens with smooth, skip-free writing and a patented Precise Needle Point Technology

Do under 30's buy different sort of pens vs. older consumers?
Based on Spectra Profiles from AC Nielsen, people who have children in the home buy different pens than those who don’t have children in the home.  The families with children in the home typically buy Gel pens or erasable pens.  Rolling Balls, which are known for their smooth writing experience, are typically purchased by younger people and older people who do not have children at home.

Any resurgence in fountain pens?
Yes, it is a category that has experienced significant growth.  Our Varsity pen, which is a disposable fountain pen, continues to gain popularity.

After red, black and blue - what is most popular ink colour?
Green and purple
With everyone clicking away keyboards and touch screens - are pens endangered? 
No. The category continues to grow year-over-year. More information, more paper, more pens.  

Is there a consumer (age or type) that is particular on their pen choices?
Approximately 40% of consumers buy solely based on price.  The remaining consumers generally have 3-4 pen types that they select among.

What is best online retailer to purchase Pilot?
There are many, including Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, Amazon.com.

Is Pilot involved in any literacy programs?
Not yet, but we are exploring this area.

You can purchase Pilot pens directly through our website, http://pilotpen.us/.