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Lotions and Treatments

Here's where you find some more chat on lotions, oils and treatment products. Some are repeated in cosmetics but some of my favorites are right here.
Proudly Canadian, nothing cures rough skin, scratchy winter ankles and hands or cuts and kitchen burns than this legendary ointment (hey, Shania Twain first mentioned it!)

Why do we love this? It smells...agreedable and works like a charm. It is a clear ointment that goes on like a dream, softening, repairing skin - turning it into silk. I recommend putting it on hands and feet at night, and then wearing latex gloves (for the hands) and wrapping feet in plastic wrap and covering with breathable cotton socks. One or two nights of this intense Bag Balm treatment and it's like you visited a spa and came out with baby skin. Nothing beats this stuff - it's one of Canada's (cows!) best kept secrets. It's one of your skin care's essentials.

For more on scent, enjoy my other features:

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