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Tea Time Tips


Brewing Tea ? The Perfect Cuppa is Minutes Away....

Gorgeous Blue willow Spode teapot. Did you know Spode invented fine China? Their classic designs are still available now or as collectibles. Visit

How do I love tea? How do I love life? In unlimited ways. Great tea takes so little time.

First, heat the water to simmering hot – a rolling boil that you then let simmer a bit.

Scald a teapot or teacup with boiling water (that means just pour hot water in it and then throw it away – it’s meant only to heat the cup or pot)

Place 1 teaspoon tea leaves per cup of tea and one for the pot. Mix and match black teas (English Breakfast with a touch of Assam, or Chamomile and Strawberry Herbal Tea)

Offer honey, sugar, milk on the side.

Furnish tea glasses (I collect Iranian and Turkish tea glasses) or tea cups (I collect English China florals) or pretty pottery ones from flee markets or a friendly ceramicist. 

Serve with Classic Scones

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