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 These are some of my favorite cookbooks as well as books currently published. For strictly  Baking books, see Baking Category in Books). 

Batch, from Bon Appetite, Random House 2017
Joel MacCharles and Dana Harrison

There are seven methods in Batch that are all about putting food by in batches from the usual salting, smoking water bath canning to the more exotic (and old school) pressure canning, dehydrating, fermenting, cellaring and infusing. The division of twenty-five ‘market’ ingredients along with any of the seven methods for batching, is just the start of the culinary adventure that is Batch. This should indicate to you that Batch is not your grandmother’s preserving and pickling recipe collection. It’s unabashedly gourmet fare that includes special brines for poaching eggs, a treatise on pickles (sweet and sour), preserved lemons to invigorate a recipe for Chicken Stew, Roasted Spiced Plum Fridge Jam, Raspberry Apple Cider, Blueberry Mead, Fish Tacos and Pickled Carrots, Rhubarb Soda, Smoked Dried Beans and so much more! The photos and line art are charming and helpful and as one reviewer said, all in all, this is a passion project-cum-preserving bible.

Oh She Glows Every Day
Angela Liddon
Avery Books 2016

If you adored The Oh She Glows first cookbook you’ll adore this bolder flavored, equally inspiring second book from Angela Liddon. The photography is outstanding and the plethora of Breakfast, Snacks, bowl food recipes, salads, sides, soups, substantial mains, as well as cookies and desserts is exceptional. I love the homemade staples section wherein not only do you have a variety of plant-based food notions, there’s a helpful grain-cooking chart. The Oh Em Vee Veggie Burger is a stand-out as is the Lentil-Mushroom Bolognese. Put this one on your list as a must!

The Viennese Kitchen
Monica Meehan and Maria von Baich
Interlink Publishing Grup

You often have to look far and wide to find a great European cookbook with contemporary touches that are a draw for a North American reader, unfamiliar with this cuisine. The Viennese Kitchen cookbook manages the mandate and more. Here is a lovingly collection of family recipes from appetizers to dessert. All recipes are simply laid out and the photography is a beautiful collage of recipe shots and the culture of Vienna. All the classics are there: Lightening Cake, Linzertorte, Sachertorte and Hazelnut Cream Cake – all hallmarks of Viennese baking but extras like Plum Jam and the savories are also included. The latter are elegant, subtle renditions of typical Austrian dinnertime classics. The recipes are based on the authentic Austrian recipe collection of the part legend, part real family heirloom recipes of Tante Hertha, an Austrian baroness who kept a splendid notebook of all her recipes. Expect all the warmth, authenticity and personal notes that come with such a legacy.

CJA's beautiful new cookbook


Over 100 amazing recipes that are easy and elegant and all proceeds go for a good cause. Check out for where to purchase.


Cuisine Nicoise
Sun-Kissed Cooking from the French Riviera
Hillary Davis
Gibbs Smith 2013

 Books on French cuisine run a wide gamut and have broad appeal, given the French reputation for fine food and the regional variance that offers something for every taste. Too often however, the recipes are interesting but not do-able or somehow not amenable to an American kitchen. By contrast, Hillary Davis' Cuisine Nicoise is a collection of wonderfully accessilbe recipes that are rife with the sunny flavors of the French Riviera. The author spent many years in this region, living, learning and cooking the food that is all about the traditions of a great food country and this cookbook, as a happy result, captures all this and more. Davis fuses these authentic recipes with simple methods, simple but superb ingredients and a nod to contemporary tastes (and techniques) that translate beautifully to the North American kitchen. Recipes are approachable and offer a clarity that invites you to savor each recipe, page by page. This is no poor man's trip to the Riviera - this is a cooking experience to be savored unto itself.

To order:

The Soup Sisters Cookbook
Edited by Sharon Hapton
Appetite for Books, a Random House Imprint

A glorious harvest of great soups from the creme de la creme of Canada's professional cooking community. A slew of chefs, restaurant owners, and cookbook authors all contributed to this wonderful volume on amazing soups - in service to raising funds and awareness of women and children in need. 12 Chapters of Soup Sisters, a non profit organization across Canada that doles out fresh soup and comfort by the ladle. for more information, to order the book, donate or or

Food Lovers Guide to Montreal
Patricia Harris and David Lyon
2011 Globe Pequot Press

I live in Montreal and was still surprised at the many food nooks and crannies Harrid and Lyon helped me discover. This is a gem of a book, current and upbeat - that divides this fabulous food city into districts and then offers you a banquet of cafes, bakeries, chocolateries, patisseries, and more to stroll through. It is tempting and exceptionally well organized that even this Montreal resident tucks it in hand when going on an urban adventure.  Complete with some authentic recipes contributed by the establishments chatted up in the book.



 The Vegetarian Slow Cooker, Over 200 Delicious Recipes, by Judith Finlayson, Robert Rose, 2010 is a harvest's worth of amazingly easy, healthy recipes that come just in time for the slow cooker (we used to call them crock pots) revival. Nothing suits lifestyle better than 'delicious and healthy' and when you artfully put it together with the nifty slow cookers (non-stick, programmable, affordable and many come with a detachable serving dish that you cook in and then serve in), you have an instant classic cookbook. It is great food, done healthy and ready when you are. Findlayson has it all figured out for you - just in time for dinner (or lunch, brunch, or breakfast or hot soup time).



The Complete Tassajara Cookbook, Recipes Techniques and Reflections from the famed Zen Kitchen, Edward Espe Brown, Shambhala, 2009
This beautiful cookbook (inside and out) is a masterful collection of Brown's best recipes from the famed Tassajara retreat in California. This is a comprehensive but accessible, readable book. The menu suggestions are helpful but overall, this book is a feast for the senses and palate. The food is tasteful and tasty and just reading it is a retreat. 

The Vegetarian Slow Cooker by Judith Finlayson  and Colin Erricsson, Robert Rose, 2010, will have you dusting off your energy saving pot or running out to buy one. With over 200 recipes, seven along for vegetarian favorites like chili, Finlayson’s cook book tours the globe including South Asia with curries and dahl, Turkey and France for pit-stops for delicious soups and we wind up in Italy for pasta sauces a la slow cooker/vegetarian style. Some amazing breads and desserts round out the offerings. With simple ingredients, clear directions, and tasty photos, each page also includes tips and variations for cooking instructions. Review by Trudy Kerman

Comfort Food, Southern Living, Oxmoor House 2009
With an endorsement by Pat Conroy, this is the best of the best of southern food - great biscuits, fried chicken, big fat casseroles, and luxuriously decadent but easy desserts. No one does comfort food as well as Southerners as this is a appealingly updated version of our favorites.

The Flavor Bible, Karen Page and Andrew Dorenberg, The Essential guide to culinary Creativity Based on the Wisdom of America’s Most Imaginative Chefs,Little, Brown and Company, 2008

You know the usual pairings: cinnamon and apples, basil and Italian, rosemary and lamb, garlic and olive oil, lemon and parsley: yada, yada, yada – tell me something new. This is exactly what award winning authors Page and Dorenberg to – articulating distilling the creativity, expertise and wisdom of America’s tops chefs, and their words in vital capture, into a book that is already a classic for any kitchen. It so greatly expands the borders of what any

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