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Mind, Body and Soul, Inspirational

Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit Books

Mind, body, soul and inspirational are topics are all loosely put into this section of BB Reviews. It is a huge and diverse area of publishing and writing, sometimes also referred to as new age or self help but the offerings are astounding. There are amazing thinkers and writers, visionaries, and some that are simply questionable. No doubt about it, these are exciting times in thought, religion, feelings, moods. Who doesn't have life and soul questions (or how to manifest love or wealth) on how to feel better, do better, and enjoy your life and days. 

Finding Your Way in a Wild New World
Martha Beck


Martha Beck’s books are each and of themselves adventures in finding your spirit and soul’s anchor. She writes with wisdom, humour, insightfulness, humanity and heart. That’s the common thread of each of the books I read recently and I would recommend each one highly.

Finding Your Way in a Wild New World 
is about what you should be doing with your one wild and unique life. It’s a journey to you.

In the book, Beck talks about four tools for finding your way or participation in your own transformation: Wordlessness, Oneness, Imagination, and Creation. Ultimately, this book is a hand’s on handbook about how to get active and harness potential into the doing of your own life.

Finding Your Own North Star Beck teaches you how to find that inner compass, challenge personal memes or old perceptions and guides you to living your life and destiny.

In The Four Day Win, Beck approaches weight loss with psychology and new ways of thinking of food and hunger and matches this with good for bad habit substitutions. Four days with a new behaviour and a bad habit releases itself for a new, good habit and weight loss is the by -roduct of belief and behavioural change.

Steering by Starlight addresses roadblocks or disconnects in our lives and guides the reader (with Beck’s engaging, trademark hunour) to rediscover (with tools, insights, and exercises) how to get that ‘north star’ back and once again, steer your way.


The Untethered Soul
Michael A. Singer

Inner peace as a result of balanced inner energies - a journey of the spirit on a foundation of our thoughts and emotions.

The Language of Flowers
Pocket Guide
A great and handy pamphlet or pocket guide to the language of flowers, illustrated and neatly laid out, perfect introduction to floral sentimentality.

Peace and Plenty
Sarah Ban Breathnach
Grand Central 2010

I hope I am not negative when I say despite the cheeriness of the previous SBB books, I found this newest book of hers more authentic - even though it is about a difficult subject for many and a difficult one for the author who has seen peace/plenty/less peace/less plenty and is on the road to peace again. There is still the charm and warmth SBB is known for but with a slightly different awareness of the human path - especially as it relates to money or the 'fear' acted out through finance - (with money and without money -oddly, it seems flip sides of the same coin). I think SBB states things we all think but has articulated the unspoken thoughts and emotions that seem to be about money and are really about something else entirely. There are books on how to manage debt or your budget aplenty - but there are few books that speak to picking yourself up, facing your financial life in emotional and practical terms - without the author claiming to be an expert nor lacing it with the judgment that often is part and parcel of more traditional finance books. Those are great in their own right but SBB gets between the lines of the stuff that gets us in the hard places (life and economy notwithstanding) to begin with.
I relate most when the author talks of typical difficult times - less so when I hear of the overspending including Marilyn Monroe's fur collection and the Isaac Newton Chapel acquisition and other extravagances - but the core tone and gentle advice rings true: learn your lessons, go forward from where you are, and try and bind body and soul, via the pocketbook, on one seamless stitch line.

The Book of Awakening, Mark Nepo
Conari Press 2000

I love this book and just discovered it, albeit it came out in 2000. You'd be hard pressed to find a more sensitive, articulate, just 'nails it on the head' writer than Mark Nepo. There are 365 comforting entries to keep you on course - reflective mini essays followed by a mini meditation. Buy one for you and one as a gift.

One Moment Meditation for People on the Go
Martin Boroson, Winter Road 2009

A fabulous book that works - it's so doable - when presented in the fashion Martin Boroson does. This is one-minute meditation that takes the oomph out of the given moment of stress and/or gives you a moment's extra peace.


 So where does Wayne Dyer go for insights? Colette Baron-Reid - that's who. Colette Baron-Reid is a singer/songwriter, intuitive and author. Heard on weekly, I recently spoke with Colette about her work and books. She talked about the difference between using our instinct (about survival - quite basic and down to earth) and intuition, which is about a not often used sense of 'living within a matrix', wherein you are attuned to things in a multi dimensional way and pay attention. Asked about why sometimes, we can manifest love but not money or money but not enjoy great friedships, Baron-Reid disputed The Secret's (the book and movie) implication that we can just 'ask' for anything and have the universe cough up toys and treats like a candystore or cosmic vending machine. She said, life is a 'mixed cocktail' of things, and includes lessons from the 'darker place' we all have, and 'accepting all the landscape and territory'. She spoke to the suffering we all experience, as well as the bliss, as 'colours of the rainbow'. Currently working on the Enchanted Map of You, for Hay House (2011), Colette may be reached through her website,, for consultations and readings. 

No one talks about this stuff and they should. Good job Susan Piver does and put it in one, well-written honest/funny/helpful/comforting book, called The Wisdom of a Broken Heart. Follow Susan Piver at 

Kick-Ass Creativity, Mary Beth Marziarz, Hampton Road Publishers, 2009,
 is at the top of the heap of a ton of self-help books. It's up there with Julia Cameron for the fine writing, incredible positive spirit, the depth, humour, compassion and wonderful inclusion of clear, directed steps for anyone, writer, baker, musician - to get started. Mary Beth Marizarz is also a talented singer/songwriter/musician but this book speaks to to far more than getting started or re-started on a career - it speaks to the spirit of life and ways of rediscovering our passions (or our blocks). It is a wise book, as well as fun and serviceable. Check her site and music too at

100 Words, Two Hundred Visionaries Share Their Hope for the Future,
William Murtha, Red Wheel, Weiser, Conari 2010
An inspirational book of some of the most visionary and positive writers and speakers, collected in one book of 'nuggets'. A great gift book, full of hope and wisdom from a broad span of clergy, environmentalist, media and public speakers and academics. Visit the author at

The Fifth Agreement, Don Miguel Ruiz, Don Jose Ruiz, Amber-Allen Publishing 2009

If you are familiar with best-selling The Four Agreements or The Mastery of Love, Don Miguel Ruiz, this newest book, written with his son, Don Jose Ruiz, similarly gifted and trained in Toltec lineage, will be a welcome addition. But you needn't know anything about that book to appreciate this heart-warming, thoughtful book. From his heritage as a Toltec healer and teacher, the Ruiz bring forth some of the basics of The Four Agreements but with new insights added. Written in that familiar, accessible, conversational style Ruiz is known for, The Fith Agreement is perceptive and comforting. Deceptively simple, you will find yourself re-reading pages or the book itself and coming away with a new thought or a way to apply the wisdom to your everyday life. This is enlightenment but in a hand's on way that makes it readable but also a usable guide for living better and in a more 'awakened' state.

A classic just right for today. Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich is astounding.

 The original 1937 'bible' on manifesting wealth through the power of your mind and diligent effort, moral behaviour and charitable reciprocity is remarkable. Pengun Books also has a deluxe anniversary gift edition (black leather like book with gold writing). I've read this book, travel with it and it works! It was landmark it its time and remains a bestseller today.
It provides inspiration, encouragement and pragmatic guidance and teaches you to harness your thoughts on a congruent path of success. I can't even explain how it works but it does.

As A Man Thinketh
James Allen, Tarcher Penguin, Originally published in 1908

Yes, 1908 is when this iconic book, which includes From Poverty to Power was first published. It is a revised, updated version of the timeless classic, as inspiring now for the new millenenium as it was for the 20th century. Allen writes well and eloquently and long before The Secret et al, fused together concepts of morality, self belief, and spirituality into manifesting wealth from the ground up. As with Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill), this book deserves a place on your book shelf and is a quintessential gift book for anyone, at any point on their journey.

Excuses Be Gone, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Hay House 2009
Subtitled Who to change lifelong, self-defeating thinking and habits, this book, is another illustration of the incredible insights of this masterful self-help guru. In this book really gets down to the nitty gritty of the stuff that plagues us and we allow to stop us from achieving more or simply enjoying our days. Well written, clearly defined steps, there is something about this book that is taking people by storm – because it gets to the heart of the excuses we cling to and sometimes don’t even realize are holding us back. In this book, Dyer combines his philosophies, enthusiasm and passion for positive living, with a bit of manifestation (art of asking and allowing) and some of Byron Katie’s ‘is it true’ four questions approach. A must on your bedside reading table.

Change Your Life, Change Your Life, Wayne Dyner Hay House 2007
When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change is the main tenet of this marvelous book. It is based on 81 verse of the writings of the g-d realized, Lao-tzu, an ancient Chinese scholar, meditator, philosopher. It is an interpretation of the Tao Te Ching and whether you read it through or randomly choose a verse here or there, there is something profoundly comforting in this book and Dyer’s understanding, which he articulates here, on the extraordinary or more so, the everyday of life.

Forgiveness, The Greatest Healer of All, Gerald Jampolsky
This tiny book is a powerhouse of inner peace. 1999 Beyond Word

Publishing in 1999, this book is still a treasure. It speaks about the gap between ego and love and the difficulties that ensue when our minds/ego’s tell us to with-hold love and forgiveness. One can but it’s a hard journey. Forgiveness sounds door-mate-y but in the end, it’s the only game in town if you want to feel better. A totally readable, little book of change. From the famed author of Love is Letting Go of Fear comes a little book that settles your spirit and encourages you to drop the cold war of your heart. So innately readable and comforting – and what’s more – it works. Forgiveness is, as the author articulates, a gift to yourself.


The Wise Heart,
Jack Kornfield, Bantam 2008
This book is especially readable, it's style is easy-going, compassionate and tinged with gentle humor and insights. But what makes it different is the illumination of Buddhist ways with more traditional psychological insights and somehow briding the gap between those two worlds. Combining mindfulness, meditation, with a sense of the author as a spiritual Freudian, will appeal to many people who have a foot in both worlds.

The Vortex, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Hay House 2009
I like all the Hicks books and each is somewhat different, albeit the theme of aligning your vibration to attract the right stuff, runs through all of them. The Vortex focuses on relationships, especially the difficult ones in your life. Through simple Q&A and the founding principles of creation, appreciation and upping your vibes, it speaks directly to the challenges we face and some inner thought adjustment which results in a different outer response.

The Truth of Suffering and the Path of Liberation
Chogyam Trungpa, Shambhala Publications 2009
There is nothing Trungpa Rinpoche could write that I would not run to buy and read. This book presents the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism in a way only he does – articulately, gently, wisely and mostly – honestly. There is no sugar coating and lofty self help here – it is about facing what is and then moving to a place of peace and eternity while in the present. You cannot outrun what ails you (and everyone else) but once to speak to it, it loses its force and then the bliss (or a degree of peace and self and life acceptance) begins.

Climbing Jacob's Ladder,
Alan Morinis, Trumpeter 2007

For those searching for a Judaic view on spiritual living that is not Kabbalah based. Based on the Mussar traditions the author researched.

Everyday Holiness, Alan Morinis, Trumpeter 2007
Subtitled the Jewish Spiritual Path of Mussar, this offers a practical guide of accessible teachings for effecting personal growth and spiritual realization in the midst of day to day life. The Mussar practise seems to have been a best kept treasure of Orthodox Judaism and Morinis does a good job of bring the wealth of its practises to anyone who has wondered about Judaic spiritual transformation.
Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting, Lynn Grabhorn, Hampton Roads Publishing 2000
One of the earlier envision what you want books - but written in an accessible, upbeat way from a New York Time bestselling author. This is a classic and it's easy to follow steps show why.



Encyclopedia of Spirits, Judika Illes
HarperOne 2009 
One of the most beautiful, entertaining and comprehensive books of spirits of all sorts you could invest in.
A tour de force by one of the foremost authors of this venue of metaphysics.

Soul Currency, Investing Your Inner Wealth for Fulfullment and Abundance
Ernest D. Chu, 2008 New World Library
I expected this book to be about wealth and having 'more' but in actuality it is about bulking up your inner wealth in 'real' currency - a soul and spirit working in harmony from the inside out - to draw wealth as well as personal fulfullment, great bonds, and a sense of serenity. Using a metaphor of spiritual capital and other terms of the finance world, Chu writes articulately and convincingly about being in alignment inside- positive, whole, and honest. According to Chu, even if you are 'successful' - negative belief systems put a ceiling on what we can achieve and at what other costs. He relates business examples in service to the theme of abundance but the notion of settling your 'inner house' first - (and he gives ways and means how) is the anchor to everything else positive you can achieve. Not only that - it doesn't (and shouldn't) be such hard work and effort. When you have your soul capital safely in place and making dividends, everything you need in other major areas of your life flow in. The book is intelligent, comforting, and endorsed by some of the best authors in this area of publishing (Deepak Choprah, Jampolsky, for example) and in reading it, it's easy to see why. A super book.

Creative Visualization, 30th Anniversary Edition 2008
New World Library, Shakti Gawain

30 years later and this book remains my cornerstone or touchstone for remember I can create or recreate anything - from my heart and mind. This book is also available in the new 30th Anniversary gift edition. I cannot tell you how many copies I have bought and given away. There are other books on this subject but few as well and as simply written, or as far reaching as this one. Shakiti Gawain keeps things pure and real - and it is not an understatement to say that this is a life-shifting book. Whatever your challenge or vision - from better relationships to abundance to finding your passion and cause d'etre, this is a place to start, stay with and return to. It's not wonder it's a classic from New World Library.

The One Thing Holding You Back, Raphael Cushnir, Harper One 2008
Endorsed by some of the other best spiritual speakers and authors, Cushnir is in his own league. He writes with compassion, wisdom and his insights are life altering but in a gentle gradual way. In this book he encourages the reader to sit with emotions and get to the other side. If not, we can get stuck and impeded, mired in old stuff. The only way is through it all. In straightforward steps and helpful examples of others facing life’s thematic challenges, Cushnir posultates that we can get past impasses to emotional thriving – with just a little nudge of perception that gets you past the tipping point that has long been your stumbling block (of whatever the block might be)

Loving What Is, Byron Katie, with Stephen Mitchell, Harmony Books 2002
Subtitled the Four Questions that can change your life, Katie takes simple (or difficult but common) situations or perception we all can have and breaks them down in a test for truth via her now famed 4 questions. She calls her process 'the work' and it is work until it becomes second nature. Her approach is loving and smart and shows you that so much we hold to be true, and often painful, doesn't stand the test of testimony and a scrutiny of pure truth. Once you take the sting out of things via simply seeing them as they are, positivity and relief set in and you are no longer stuck.

Conversations with God, An Uncommon Dialogue
Neale Donald Walsch, Hampston Roads Publishing 1997
An enlightened and emotional conversation between a seeker down on his luck (the author) and g-d, this book offers many insights and restorative passages but almost more than its contents, is its inspiration for a reader to initiate their own conversation with g-d or their higher self or whatever positive forces one can muster, in conversation or prayer, when the need arises (which is daily!). NDW himself is an inspiration, regardless of whether you concur with his insights or how he came to write the book - his journey is another example of the power of self hood and intention.

Andy Andrews


Mastering the Seven Decisions
The Traveler’s Gift
The Noticer

Andy Andrews has been called the Roy Rogers of the self help circuit – as this New York Times bestselling autho and inspirational speaker is renown for his down to earth, optimism that is in contrast to his own challenging beginning (imagine a few years sleeping under piers). His books are all quite different from each other, accessible and rife with examples of people who have overcome difficulty – insurmountable odds and found a way to success on all levels. He’s a tonic, forthright and energizing and his blog is also worth following. His books, especially the most recent, The Noticer, seem especially recommended for these economic times. 

Perfect Just as You Are
The four limitless practices of Loving-Kindness, Compassion, Joy and Equanimitym,
Pema Chodron
This 8 CD study course by one of the best Buddhist writers is like a retreat in a boxed CD set. Meditation, insights, reflective exercises, Chodron isn’t about esoteric spirituality but hands-on, start where you effective embracing of what is.

Excuse Me, Your Soul Mate is Waiting, Marla Martenson, Hampton Roads Publishers 2008
Using the law of attraction in the romance lane – filled with wonderful affirmations, guidance, humour and a more spiritual appreciation of attraction not only a relationship, but better existent relationships, work, and health. Highly recommended. Inspired by the best selling, Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting

Becoming a Life Balance Master, Ric Giardina, Beyond Words Publishing 2003
This is a totally accessible book that offers insights and practical practice on living a life that fuses spiritual goals with workaday mission. It combines hands on advice from a self-made CEO in conjunction with the greater picture.

Stoking the Creative Fires, 9 Ways to Rekindle Passion and Imagination, Phil Cousineau, Conari Press 2008
This prolific author is the ‘burnt-out antidote’ for anyone in the creative process or for those just starting that journey. Divided into main sections on Inspiration, Perspiration and Realization. Deserves to be on the shelf beside your copy of The Right to Write (Julia Cameron) and any other books on creativity, passion and the ‘doing’ of it.

Clutter Busting, Letting Go of What’s Holding You Back
Brooks Palmer
New World Library 2009
Just one look at the simple cover of Clutter Busting book and you’[ll be inspired. But what clutter expert Palmer has to offer in this well-written, upbeat book (he’s been a stand-up comic) addresses the underlying problem of clutter: it is an energying sabotaging mass of stuff that negates mobility but also has to do with stuff, material and emotionally – we just can’t let go of. Until we do, the outer symptom is the clutter but the inner chaos is the real issue. Tons of anecdotes from his on-the-job mission as a clutter expert. Read it and buy a copy for the clutterer in your life.
The Manifestation Wheel, Alan Seale, Red Wheel Weiser, 2008
From the author of Intuitive Living
Eve since The Secret, what’s been missing are books that combine the myth of positive thinking with an action plan. This book gears you up with the thought processes and then segues to the action plan in a steady a progression that builds psychic muscle all the while.
The Gabriel Method, Jon Gabriel, Beyond Words,
Forget diets, hello revolutionary weight ‘release (vs. weight loss). Developed from veteran dieter/fat guy turned lean, mean fighting machine, Gabriel discusses why diets don’t work (we all know that; we just didn’t always know what to replace it with). Sure, eat right and eat smart but until you get at what’s eating you emotionally, your body will retain extra weight –literally using the unwanted extra pounds as protection against whatever threats (emotional threats are perceived physiologically the same way) it feels it is faced with. Fascinating stuff and diet insights that are being reflected in other findings as well.
Illuminata, Marianne Williamson, Random House
A short, sweet book of inspirational thoughts, prayers and rites of passage from one of the most erudite speakers of A Course in Miracles.

The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells: The Ultimate Reference Book for the Magical Arts, Judika Illes Element Books Ltd. 2004

This is one of the most sought after books on the Net. It is informative, charming, astoundingly broad (spells for love and any and everything else), gently written, and the recipes are just captivating – from teas to herbal remedies, perfumes, potions. There is something beyond magical in just having this book around.
Visit the author’s blog on Amazon,

Illes is an incredible writer, generous spirit and does, when time and her work permits, does consultations. This book is a revelation page after page. It is not scary or off putting –it is almost a spiritual companion…in a book.

The Truth About Beauty Kat James
Published by Beyond Words Publishing,

This informative book discusses everything from vitamins to hair products. Being beautiful is about giving your body what it needs to glow and be healthy from the inside out. You will learn how to change your eating habits by upgrading your food and eating mindfully. This book also discusses other options to beautify your skin; the very way that you think about good looks will be transformed as you turn the pages of this enlightening information which offers substances about things we think are skin-deep. There is so much more to know. Your inside and outside will be recreated by the knowledge that you acquire from The Truth About Beauty.

From Heather Pickens, in print or available electronically in PDF, a frequent guest on Hay House Radio, Pickens offers some fabulous insights on the mind, body and spirit connection.

Spot of Grace, Remarkable Stories of How You DO Make a Difference (Paperback) 
Dawna Markova, 2008
New World Library

From the author of the deservedly popular, Random Acts of Kindness, comes another book, that is similarly, quietly inspiring. Much like Random Acts, Markova has woven together a collection of 100 thoughtful, thought provoking, reflective, uplifting moments and tales of ‘random’ acts or spots of grace. There are many books that give you the inside track of ‘manifestation’ or ‘the secret’ of life and abundance, but this one gives you true calm, true stories, and insights to the notion of grace which is far too overlooked. It also is a book of mindfulness – that is to say, spiritualness without pointing the reader to one tradition to another (which can often sidetrack the message or lose the reader that wants spirituality without a distinct religious culture or reference behind it). What is especially appealing is the simplicity of the spots of grace that Markova chose to shine on and articulate. I have the book tucked with me wherever I go –as a reminder of the spots of grace I might be in presence with but for the reminder of this book, might miss. A lovely gift for a friend, a sister or perfect for Mother’s Day. In offering grace or being in service of grace, Markova reminds us of the joy of human connectiveness and the bliss that results.

O's Guide to Life, Oxmoor House, 2007 
A gorgeous usable book filled with the best wisdom from O, from interviews, features, and inspirations from O's best experts and contributors over the years. Organized in chapters covering Diet, Exercise, Beauty, Dreaming, Working, Finance and the pursuit of Happiness and Inner Balance, this is a book that you pick up and read what you need or appeals as you want. It is not just a collage of what was - it is an entirely fresh treatise on what you like best about O, presented in a way makes for informative and entertaining reading. A great addition to the back issues of O you already have and a perfect gift book - at any time for almost any woman you know (think Valentine's Day or Mother's Day or birthdays for friends)


Happy for No Reason, Marci Shimoff
Free Press 2008
7 Steps for Being Happy from the Inside Out is an upbeat, sunny-looking, and sunny-feeling book on a subject that is overlooked – how to be happy or why some people just are. From Chicken Soup collaborator and one of the teachers featured in the DVD The Secret, Shimoff shares a ton of approachable methods to experiencing what happy people seem to know naturally.

Playing the Quantum Field, Brenda Anderon, New World Library 2007
Another fine entry in the study of physics and manifestation. Anderson's book is a good start for skeptics or for those who want to know a little bit about this newer trend in understanding how things 'just' happen (or don't) in clear, non nonsense ways. I like the pragmatic approach and clarity of this book - it combines business strategy with the realm of quantum physics, and the dynamics of retraing your mind and seeing how new training, along with new thought processes can alter your whole game.

Love’s Alchemy, Poems from the Sufi Tradition
David and Sabrineh Fideler, New World Library 2006
One of the best collections of the most moving poetry from the Persian tradition, showcasing some of the best known by Rumi, of course. This is a book to buy for you and two more for friends. Just read the poem on page 128 to appreciate why this book is a must –even if you hate poetry.

Quantum Success Sandra Taylor, Hay House Books
One of the best and most unique approaches, and well written at that, on aligning energy and personal vibration with manifestation. This should appeal to the new age set and those that want to hear ‘the science’ of it all which still relates to the emotions it sets in motion.

Kabbalah for the Modern World Migene Gonzalex-Wippler, Llewllyn Worldwide, New Edition, Second Printing 2006
One of the best, clearest and most interesting volumes on this subject.

If Love Could Think, Alon Gratch, Three Rivers Press 2006
A sound approach to viewing your own heritage/childhood and figuring out which love type you are and how to approach romance with a bit more pragmatism than the hit and miss and choices, that are more emotional triggers than options that might work better for partnership. The book is clear, insightful and focuses at lengthy on the issue of ambivalence.

Comfortable With Uncertainty
The Places That Scare You
Start Where You Are
(All by Pema Chodron, Shambhala Classics)
I have read most of Chodron’s books and each offers a compassionate, sensible approach to contemporary living based on Buddhist principles. Each book has its focus and it contributes something helpful and lasting and is uniquely comforting. Another must from Chodron is When Things Fall Apart - just a book to help you breathe in tight places.

Buddhist Heart (Lama Surya Das, Broadway Books)
Bestselling author of Awakening the Buddha Within. A superb handbook on Buddhist attitudes and practises for newcomers. Very accessible book.

The Way (Michael Berg, John Wiley & Sons)
A book that combines the tenets of the Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) with everyday life for spiritual transformation. Excellent.

Enchanted Love (Marianne Williamson, Touchstone Books)
This spirited book is part spiritual living guide and part dating guide. It is frank, helpful, and it offers sound insights for navigating romantic or intimate relationships. It is a classic that reconfigures how you approach romantic love in a way that might forever alter your view (for the good).

The Art of War (Sun Tzu, Shambhala Books)
A classic that is as much a guidebook for business strategy and every day life as it was for combat.

The Unmistakable Touch of Grace (Free Press) 2005 Cheryl Richardson
Insightful book from one of Oprah's oft guest, and life coach, Richardson’s books are the chair-side coach anyone can profit from Each book focuses on a certain aspect of getting your inner and outer life in order: Take Time For Your Life offers a 7-Step program to get yourself in gear and in order; Life Makeovers offers 52 solid ways to improve your life 1 week at a time, and the most recent Unmistakable Touch of Grace is really about fortunitous events and signs that guide us in crux moments of our lives –if only we paid more attention. These are books that are to read once through and then pick up on an idea or a chapter, and to refer to any time you get off track. There are similar books but these clearly written, compassionate and pragmatic, spiritual books by Richardson are about the best.

The Gift of Change, Harper 2004 Marianne Williamson, Always inspiring and in keeping with the times, Williamson offers counsel for transitionary times in anyone’s life, with a spiritual bent that is still tethered to current culture and every day life. As she grows and evolves, so do her books and we all profit. Long awaited, the best-selling author of Return to Love manages to serve up nuggets of wisdom that soothe and instruct.

Joy No Matter What, Carolyn Hobbs, Conari Press
A well-written book that is a maturation of much of what is out there. Hobbs has taken a distillation of psychology, spirituality and pitted it against stumbling blocks to joy (like fear, doubt, worry, anger etc.).  I think this book goes along way of taking a look at the many things that make us tick, pulling it together and finding an approach (‘3 simple choices to access your inner joy” ) to help people thrive.

Trusting Yourself, M.J. Ryan, Broadway Books 2004
How to stop feeling overwhelmed and live more happily with less effort.

Dream Big Hammond, Conari Press 2004, a step by step account of a female, entrepreneurial adventure, the author is the found of Femail Creations.A fun, chatty, motivating read and girl talk for the business/idea minded gal who is already halfway there or a pep talk for anyone considering a new venture. Honest and personal – it offers much inspiration and ideas if you need them.

The Power of Intention, Wayne Dyer, Hay House 2004 All of Dyers books have a similar theme and this one, that birthed the PBS special of the same name, is particularly succinct in its message. A good read and positive boost if you are on a journey that involves conscious goals.

Take the Step, The Bridge Will Be There, Grace

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