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Dream Soft Sheets and Everything You Wanted to Know About Quality Sheets and Thread Count But Never Asked
Interviews Dream Soft Bedware -
Everything you’ve always wanted to know about great sheets and linens from the pros.
A while ago I was shopping for bed linens. Linens are something I at least, take for granted or put in the afterthought category. Sheets are something I rarely (once a year?) pick up at TJ Maxx or (in Canada) at Winners. I just look for Queen Sized, cream sheets and don’t much think of it.

Yet sheets are part of the bed-and-sheet duo, a special tag team that give us restorative Z’s. All the more reason to ‘feng shui’ things – i.e. invest in sheets that help with one’s rest, but also look amazing, feel great, wash and wear well and are a part of a total sensual experience. Great sheets are not only a way to treat yourself right (plus sheets that wear and wash well earn their price ticket in no time flat – if you pardon the pun), they just feel wonderful. You should go ‘ahhhhhh’ when you slide into bed (unless the wolf from Goldilocks is awaiting you).

The very sheets we sleep on night after night could be the very stuff dreams are made of. So I went shopping for sheets –both online and in real stores. I was assaulted by sheets on sale (what bargains! Such a high thread count!) and sheets not on sale(seriously? $300 for sheets? That’s a car payment). I began to wonder about sheets –this product I’ve always taken for granted and shopped via price point.

I contacted various companies (highest ranked sheet companies on Google, as well as folks like Sears and Land’s End) high and low and no company responded! Not one. But flooded with the various sheets one could purchase (silk, bamboo, cotton, Egyptian cotton, percale) and prices, I had to know more. Finally, one company answered not just my basic questions but each and every question I had about sheets. My questions became an interview and I am pleased to report, not only wins my bid for a great source for amazing sheets but the best place ever, for online service. They are simply passionate about the various sheets they sell and they offered not only great, informative information that ultimately guided me to two different sheet choices but really seemed to care I get the right products.

If you ever wanted to make an informed sheet choice this is the feature you need to read and the company to choose:

Still too many sheet choices? This is a great hint btw, from the company – if you find yourself pulled hither and thither by the many sheet choices is to order 1-2 pillowcases. If you like the pillowcase, you’ll love the sheets the go with. But it is an affordable way to narrow down your options and also see how the products wear after laundering.

What did I purchase from Dream Soft Bedware?

I bought their bestselling Dream Fit sheets in 300 thread count cotton.
these are outstanding sheets. They are soft and luxurious and fit the bed without a struggle. They wash like a dream and have this wonderful soft sheen to them. They are durable and hard-wearing – they come out of the dryer ready to place on the bed or use a brief iron.

I also bought a set in Bamboo and even as I like the cotton – I would have to give my biggest nod to the BambooDreams sheets.  (if link doesn't link, cut and paste the link in your browser to see the product.

These have a heft to them that is unique. You take the sheets out of the fabric case they come in and there is a true weight to these sheets that makes them silky, soft, and natural-feeling and they also have a soft, appealing sheen. They wash well and the dryer takes out any creases (no ironing needed). They aren’t inexpensive but they are worth EVERY PENNY. These are investment sheets – they feel good, look great, fit the bed and are a joy to sleep on.

Interview with

: Which are your best-selling sheets?

DSB: Our top sellers are silk, bamboo and cotton sheets by DreamFit. DreamFit is actually our best seller of cotton sheets because of their unique design and also high quality fabric. As for silk, we have 3 top sellers/vendors - Yala, Empress Silk and kumi kookoon. Bamboo bedding is also very popular and in that category BedVoyage is the top seller, followed by BambooDreams.

BB: There are incredibly high thread counts these days – in all brands – but blogs/reviews indicate – it doesn’t necessarily mean better, soft, more durable sheets?

DSB: That is sometimes correct - it does depend if the high thread count is single ply or double ply. Single ply is the best quality and is usually softer. Some folks love the thicker, higher TCs (800, 1000, 1500), but some folks don't like the thickness/heaviness - it's such a personal thing. Oftentimes, as well, with washing (quality linen soap), and drying/laundering, the fabric will become softer (and with use).

BB: How, especially when someone is ordering online, can the average consumer figure this out?

DSB: Honestly, there is no fool proof way - it might be best for a consumer to do a product search for an item they are interested in and see if there are reviews and/or feedback for that particular brand/product. Another option is to purchase a pillowcase set and try it out first before deciding on a complete sheet set.

: Is Portuguese cotton as good as Egyptian cotton?

DSB: We've heard good things about Portuguese cotton, as well as Egyptian cotton - so it's probably a toss-up on that one.

BB: Is Percale a type of cotton or a blend?

DSB: Percale normally refers to the weave of the cotton - it is a crisper weave than Sateen which is a smooth, silky feeling cotton finish.

BB: What is the average lifetime of sheets – i.e. how long should decent sheets last?

DSB: This really depends on the TC and how the sheets are cared for. We have seen some rough treatment by customers and those items will not last as long as if someone truly takes care of their linens. With care and no abnormal activity, sheets should last several years, if not longer. Do keep in mind that silk and bamboo are more sensitive than cotton - so extra special care needs to be taken with these fabrics.

BB: Do sheets get softer with wear? (Or depends on brand?)

DSB: Yes, they normally do as per above answer. But again, only if taken well care of. Gentle washing and drying with gentle detergents (we recommend Seventh Generation or Charlie’s Soap).

BB: Is there a minimum thread count?

DSB: There must be although we haven't seen much below 200 TC.
BB: Does thread count mean just softness or also thickness of sheet?

DSB: TC refers mostly to thickness of the fabric. The higher the TC, the more substantial the feel of the fabric - in general.

BB: Between cotton, sateen, and bamboo – which is softer or what would you recommend?
DSB: Sateen is a type of Cotton (Cotton is either Percale or Sateen). Between Cotton and Bamboo we say Bamboo is softer and we do recommend it. However, there are some very nice, soft cotton as well. Jersey Knit for example is wonderful soft cotton. Or Flannel, also a wonderful soft cotton.


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