HearthKit Ceramic Oven Insert

A Hearthy Recommendation

Our test kitchen recently had a chance to test out a HearthKit  ceramic oven insert - a fully-fashioned hearth baking stone kit than literally turned our test kitchen oven into an artisinal bread oven in 60 seconds (plus preheating of course). In one word: fantastic. What do we like about it? Everything. It's the outdoor bread oven for indoor chefs. It converts your conventional oven into a hearth that a French bread baker would envy (well, almost). Three sizes are available. Click the photo for an ordering guide and a look at how it fits in your oven.

The HearthKit installs in seconds. It comes in three widths in order to to fit most home ovens. It makes the most of your oven capacity, as opposed to pizza stones that allow you to bake but one item at a time. The HearthKit has side that radiate heat. This ensures baked / roasted foods are browned all around. You will find full design details at their web site.

Our test unit produced an incredible blistered crust on pizza. The bottom crust was crisp, the interior was moist and hole-laden, and the top was moist but tender-crisp. It browned quickly ALL OVER but did not burn. The HearthKit features a wire rack (which we are still testing vs. baking directly on the stone). The units come with a demonstration video and built-in thermometer. This product is not a gimmick. This is a solution to the frustration home bakers have long had. We plan to use it for roast chicken, bagels, and pies next.